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November 2018 - Swan Cardot

Name: Swan Cardot

Occupation: Athlete/Model, Makeup Artist & Personal Trainer ...and love it all!!!

Hometown: New York

Age: 32

Competition Category: IFBB Pro Figure

Favourite Food: Croissant is my guilty pleasure. I love sushi and snacking on Tortilla chips. 

Something Interesting About You: I am an Art lover. I followed my mother’s steps and I went to school with the intention of becoming an interior designer but life had a different plan for me. I am still very passionate about Interior design, Fashion, Painting, Photography, you name it. And I love meeting artistic people.

Favourite Body Part To Train: Shoulders!!! I could train them every day. I have been trying to lose muscle for the past year and a half so I only train them once a week, twice at most. I think that defined shoulders can be very elegant on a woman. 

Least Favourite Body Part To Train: Arms. I don’t train them anymore but when I used to, I never found myself having as much fun training. 

Hobbies: Fashion & Styling! Although Makeup has become my profession, it’s still very much of a hobby. It’s very therapeutic and relaxing for me. Same goes for fFtness. I love it and have so much fun doing what I do, it never feels like work.