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Nathalee Thompson


Age: 40 (as of 2015)
Born: Toronto Canada
Career: Registered Practical Nurse/ mother of 2

Born and raised in Toronto Ontario with a Jamaican upbringing, sports was something that my family enjoyed. I started my athletic journey at the age of 9. I began playing soccer, a sport I had never heard of but was asked to play because of my speed. I can remember the first game like it was yesterday.  Not knowing the rules I pick the ball up with my hands as a defender.  Fast forward to my teen years I played at the provincial level, trained at the National level and landed a scholarship to the University of Detroit Mercy a Division 1 school.  I made the All American team and was fulfilled with where my athleticism brought me, or so I thought.  Returning to my hometown I had two beautiful girls and put on over 60 pounds and was diagnosed with borderline hypertension.  My doctor informed me that I would have to go on medication for it unless I changed my lifestyle.  That very moment I left his office,  walked into the nearest gym and started working out with a personal trainer.

My goal was to just lose weight, look and feel good. It was then that I was introduced to the fitness industry.  I tried a few competitions and became intrigued by the science behind it all. How my weight lifting, cardio, and diet could alter my physique. The more I competed the more I learned, the more I pushed to fine tune my body.

I started in figure, moved to bodybuilding then found my place in physique.  Not in a million years did I think I could wear a bikini let alone to win a show. I connected with my coach Chris Wong IFBB PRO,  told him that my goal was to become a pro before I turned 40 in 2015. He gave me the tools on how to attain that goal. My first win was in 2013 at the Lucka-O'Brien show, then Provincials the same year.  I new I could not do Nationals that year as I was caring for my ill sister who passed away shortly after. I then had my sight set on going to Nationals and winning that show in her honor in 2014 and that I did all before I turned 40. I won overall in both Physique tall and in Masters. She was right there with me throughout that whole journey.

Today I look forwad to my pro debut in Toronto 2015 where I can stand on a stage with women I admire. A goal that I set and look forward to, what  a dream come true.