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Natalie Waples



    Endorsed athlete since 2006
    Exclusively managed by Fitness Management Group (I am the only Canadian managed by JM Manion – lead photographer for the IFBB & NPC, and operator of NPC Newsonline)
    One of Canada's Top Ranked IFBB Figure Pros
    First Canadian to qualify for three back to back Figure Olympias
    Tamee Marie Suits sponsored athlete
    2013 Ms Figure International (Arnold Classic) Competitor
    Popeye’s Ontario IFBB Figure Pro Correspondent
    Published fitness model
    Ontario provincial amateur bodybuilding association Judge and Executive Member (OPA)
    Competition preparation consultant (Figure & Bikini)
    Successful personal website www.nataliewaplesfitness.com
    Following of approximately 27, 000 on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram– fan and personal pages

Recent Contest Highlights:

2013 Figure Olympia 16th (only Canadian to ever qualify for three consecutive Figure Olympias)
2013 Dallas Europa Pro Figure 9th
2013 Chicago Pro Figure 4th
2013 Toronto Pro Supershow Pro Figure 3rd
2013 Powerhouse Detroit Pro Figure 2nd
2013 St Louis Pro Figure 3rd
2013 Ms Figure International (Arnold Classic) 16th
2012 IFBB Ft Lauderdale Cup 5th
2012 IFBB Figure Olympian (first Canadian to qualify two years in a row since 2005-6)
2012 IFBB Chicago Pro 2nd
2012 IFBB Toronto Pro 5th
2011 IFBB Europa Show of Champions 7th
2011 IFBB Border States Pro Figure 4th
2011 IFBB Figure Olympian (first Canadian to Qualify since 2008)
2011 IFBB California Pro Figure 3rd

Natalie Waples

By Jaime Filer

She’s an IFBB professional figure and bikini competitor, a sponsored athlete for Nutrabolics, a top Canadian fitness model, and most recently, the subject of a huge feature in FLEX magazine (where they referred to her as “Canada’s finest”). Although her career in the competitive realm is relatively new (she started competing in 2006), Natalie Waples has already established herself as a force to be reckoned with. She has a tenacious attitude that serves to compliment her petite physique and pleasant demeanor. This Canadian-born and -raised athlete has had an amazing rise to the top of the IFBB pro ranks, and with 25+ shows under her belt already, she has her sights set on going higher.

Q. You earned your pro card in only two short years of competing. To what do you attribute your quick rise to the top?

A. I earned my pro card two years after I started competing in 2006, at the 2008 IFBB North American Figure Championships. I competed a lot (regional level, provincials, nationals, IFBB amateur worlds, the Arnold Amateur, and the North Americans), so I amassed a lot of experience quickly. I also have a modeling/pageant background, so that certainly helped alleviate any stage fright!

Q. You’re a Nutrabolics sponsored athlete. Why Nutrabolics? What about them interested you, how did you start with them, and why do you still represent them?

A. I started working with Nutrabolics in 2010 as I was moving to the west coast and they are a Vancouver-based company. Nutrabolics carries a fantastic product line that meets all of my supplement needs. and they are extremely supportive of my athletic endeavours.

Q. In 2012 alone, you’ve received a second place at the Wings of Strength Chicago Pro, and most recently, a 16th at the Olympia. Seems like you also got everything in between. It’s been a crazy year for you. What do you make of your placings?

A. The IFBB is a very unpredictable place, with different judges at every show and different competitors. I’ve had three top-five finishes this year and competed among the top 25 in the world at the Olympia. I can’t complain; I just work on improving.

Q. What was your training and diet like this year trying to peak for so many shows? Did it change from past years?

A. The Olympia was my sixth show of the year, and after having done seven last year, I’m used to the pace. My coach, Tad Inoue, and I work hard on keeping my muscle mass as high as possible while conditioning areas I need to work on, so it’s a continually changing process, and one I’ve gotten used to.

Q.  In my opinion, you looked incredible at the Olympia this year. You brought a great package. Why do you think you got lost in the shuffle of callouts?

A. As I said, the Olympia is the best in the world, and I had no expectations going in. I had an improved physique from last year and also avoided the last callout, so I was pretty happy. I do need to ramp up my stage presence, which is something that you will see onstage in Ft. Lauderdale on October 20 [at the Ft. Lauderdale Cup].

Q. For which show did you bring your best package, and how did you prep for it? What would you do differently for your next show?

A. I believe my physique has been consistent this year, give or take a few minor details like suit, hair, etc., so it would be difficult to name a show. I thought my best photos were from the Europa in April (where I placed seventh), but my best placing was Chicago (second), so really, it’s hard to say.

Q. Your delts are huge and your waist is tiny, which makes for an amazing V-taper. Does this reflect a particular style of training, or is this genetics?

A. My delts aren’t as large or developed as I’d like them, but I really appreciate that perspective. I train them twice a week to try and keep them up, and as far as ab work goes, I did most of that during university and only train abs once a week now. I would have to thank my parents for the genetics because you can’t change the hand you are dealt—you just need to work with it!

Q. What are the plans for 2013?

A. I will be doing the Ft. Lauderdale Cup on October 20, and will then apply for the Ms. Figure International (aka the Arnold). If I’m accepted, then I plan on doing that show, followed by the Australian Pro in March. If not, I’ll take a longer off-season and start my year with the Toronto Pro and Chicago next June/July. After that, it will depend on the IFBB schedule, which isn’t out yet.

Q. You’ve worked your way through the ranks of modeling and the OPA, and are now establishing yourself in the IFBB. Do you have any advice or motivation for people who are trying to break into the industry and look up to you?

A. It really just comes down to consistency and hard work. I’ve been fortunate to compete with the best in the world, but I have also worked hard at pursuing a fitness modeling career and working on articles and blogs, as well as supporting my clients in their own contest preparation. Competing is a hobby for me, but it is something I love to do and has afforded me so many fantastic opportunities. If any of your readers have specific questions, they can contact me at nataliewaples@hotmail.com.


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