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Mohamed Makkawy


Canadian IFBB Pro Mohamed El Makkawy used shape and symmetry to destroy all competitors in his way! Makkawy won Mr. Egypt in 1969, the 1972, 1974 and 1976 Mr. Mediterranean and the short class at the Mr. Universe in 1976.

He turned pro in 1977 by winning the Mr. Universe. He then relocated to Toronto where he currently lives. At the World Pro Championships in 1983, Makkawy won his third consecutive IFBB show, while Lee Haney placed third in his pro debut that same year. Makkawy would place ahead of Haney in five of their eight encounters in 1983 but in 1984 and 1985, Haney defeated Makkawy at the Olympia. Over his career, Mohamed Makkawy won 7 IFBB Pro shows which is the most that any Canadian has ever won! In 1999 after doing the Night Of The Champions, he retired from competitive bodybuilding to start a personal training studio in Toronto where he still resides.

Contest History

1999 IFBB Night Of The Champions - 19th

1997 IFBB Night Of The Champions - 16th

1997 IFBB Canada Pro - 19th

1997 IFBB Toronto Pro - 19th

1985 IFBB Olympia - 4th

1984 IFBB Olympia - 2nd

1983 IFBB Grand Prix Las Vegas - 8th

1983 IFBB Grand Prix England - 1st

1983 IFBB Grand Prix World - 1st

1983 IFBB Grand Prix Sweden - 1st

1983 IFBB Grand Prix Switzerland - 1st

1983 IFBB Olympia - 2nd

1983 IFBB World Pro - 1st

1982 IFBB Olympia - 7th

1982 IFBB Night Of The Champions - 4th

1982 IFBB World Pro - 4th

1982 IFBB Grand Prix Belgium - 1st

1982 IFBB Grand Prix Sweden - 1st

1981 IFBB Grand Prix Canada - 10th

1981 IFBB Grand Prix England - 8th

1981 IFBB Grand Prix Belgium - 10th

1981 IFBB Grand Prix Wales - 8th

1980 IFBB Night Of The Champions - 8th

1980 IFBB Canada Pro - 9th

1980 IFBB World Pro - 5th

1979 IFBB Canada Diamond Pro Cup - 8th

1979 IFBB Grand Prix Pennsylvania - NP

1979 IFBB Grand Prix Vancouver - NP

1978 IFBB Olympia - 6th

1978 IFBB Pro World - 7th

1978 IFBB USA Vs. The World - 4th

1977 IFBB Mr. International - 1st

1977 IFBB Universe - 2nd

1976 IFBB Universe - 1st

1975 IFBB Mr. International - 1st

1974 IFBB Universe - 2nd

1972 IFBB Universe - 3rd

To keep up with what he's up to, visit http://www.mohamedmakkawy.com/