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Mirko Maras


Name: Mirko Maras
DOB: November 27, 1986
Place of Birth: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Residence: Pitt Meadows, BC, Canada
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 210 lb.
Competition Weight: 188 lb.
Favourite Supplement Stack: Ritual and Dilate from ANS
Favourite Body Part: Shoulders
Strongest Body Part: Quads
Years Competing: 2

Mirko was born in Vancouver, BC, on November 27, 1986. His family moved to Vancouver Island when he was four years old and then came back to the mainland when he was 14.

“I started my athletic career playing soccer. Since I come from a Croatian background, my father pushed me in that direction. He also put us into boxing, just for training purposes, and signed us up for judo to compete as well. At a young age, I started to excel in soccer and played at the highest levels, reaching the provincial team and national program. Once I entered elementary school, I started playing all of the sports that were available to us. I joined basketball, volleyball, track and field, and even the badminton club for after-school activity. Having an active lifestyle was super important to me, and it was encouraged by both of my parents.

“I’ve always had great support from my family growing up as a kid. My father would dedicate all of his free time to trying to make my brother and me excel and exceed our own expectations. One time in track and field I qualified for the district championships for shot put after placing fourth in the zone meet. Considering I was one of the shorter and smaller kids competing in that category, a fourth-place finish wasn’t bad at all. After that, my father bought me a fishing weight that weighed four more pounds than the weight I would be throwing at the meet. He would be in the backyard with me, helping me with my technique and pushing me to train on a regular basis. I remember one time my mom shouting from the window, “You two are ruining my backyard,” and my dad responding with, “No, we are building a champion.” Fast forward to a couple weeks later and I ended up placing first at the districts. I didn’t know it at the time, but this was a huge life lesson. That taught me that no matter what, when all the chips are stacked against you, with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

“My fitness career all started after I was rear ended in a car accident, which ended up writing off my truck. I sustained some back, neck, and shoulder injuries, which set me back physically and mentally. I was trying to get better as fast as I could by going to numerous massage and physio appointments. The process was long and defeating; every time I thought I was getting better and would go train with my soccer team, my back would seize up and get so tight that it would pull one of my ribs out of place. I ended up taking time off of all sports and just tried healing properly. I also travelled away for work and would be on jobs for months at a time, stuck eating takeout and camp food. This lasted a couple years, and it all added up—the weight, the lack of physical activity, and being mentally defeated.

“One day I was at a supplement store, and my future first trainer asked if I was ever interested in competing in a physique competition. It had never really struck my mind, but I figured if there was any way to get back into the shape I used to be in, this would be it. I started prepping for the Western Canadians in May, but believe it or not, I got rear ended again in February, which halted my progress. Except this time, I wasn’t going to let anything get in my way. I kept the diet clean and did everything in my power to continue training, on my physio’s recommendation, of course. I took a second-place finish at the Sandra Wickham, and it made me hungrier for a better placing.

“After this show, one of my good friends was really encouraging me to join his team so we could train together and be a part of something big. He introduced me to his trainer, IFBB pro Darren Toma, and I was extremely happy I had the opportunity to meet him. After meeting with him in person, I knew this was who I wanted to train with and who would give me the best opportunity to get to the next level. His dedication to the sport and care for his athletes is something I truly respect and admire. We prepared for our first show together, which was the BC Championships, and took a first-place finish and an overall. A week later, we went to Nationals and took another first place and overall, which earned me my pro card. Darren helped me achieve my best physique, and we are only going up from here. My pro debut is going to be in my hometown of Vancouver, BC, this July in 2015.”

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