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Michael Grayer

Michael has been working in the fitness industry for over 12 years. Watching people train has taught him how an individual’s body type influences performance in any given exercise.

“Everybody performs an exercise differently, biomechanically,” he says. “There is a belief that the exercise itself will perform the function, but this is not true. A personal trainer must always cater the exercise to his client’s body type. Form correction is most important. You have to perfect each exercise before you can get better results from it.”

Michael’s training philosophy is that you need to have a great capacity for learning, hard work, and dedication. Genetics play an important role in training, which will predict your results. “A personal trainer is a teacher. I have to teach your muscles to learn.”

Michael believes the most important quality a personal trainer must have is professionalism. “Professionalism encompasses knowledge, motivational ability, and passion. Above all, it means client care and accountability.”

As a contest prep coach, Michael has coached athletes at over 100 shows in the past few years and never placed any of his clients less than third! He has a winning, hard-working mentality that he instills in all of his clients.