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Melanie Pavao

Name: Melanie Catherine Pavao
Occupation: Founder of Sweet Gainz
Home Gym, City & Province: Forge Performance & Fitness, Mississauga, ON.
Cooking Style: Protein Baker

Why did you decide to start making healthy recipes?

I decided to start making healthy recipes because I am very much a “foodie” and am also very health-conscious. I decided to blend my passions of fitness, health, and baking in order to create macro-friendly recipes that satisfy sweet cravings as well as provide proper fuel for the body. I find it very important to use quality ingredients when baking and cooking; I truly believe that your body and health is well worth the investment when it comes to supporting a healthy diet and lifestyle. Most importantly, healthy baking is one of my ultimate passions; it provides me with the autonomy to be innovative yet grounded at the same time.

What do you think is the reason #CleanEating is so popular?

I believe #CleanEating is becoming super popular as the trend of health and fitness is growing exponentially, which I find to be awesome! I believe there is nothing wrong with the growing trend to better yourself, including bettering the types of food you’re consuming and being conscious of overall health. I personally believe that food brings much joy to individuals and to see the food industry become more and more invested in health and fitness is quite fascinating to witness and be a part of.

What is your greatest success or transformation story in the health/fitness industry?

I believe my greatest transformation and success story is being able to overcome an eating disorder and find a love for fitness, health and food. I endured very restrictive and disordered eating habits from the age of 13 until 20 years old. I struggled for many years trying to rid myself of my self-induced negative relationship with food and body dysmorphia. There are many emotional scars and physical side effects that have taken time to heal; however, I am finally at a place that is willing to learn and enjoy the process of acceptance and positivity. I am motivated more than ever to “redo” my relationship with food and fitness and am excited to be on this journey.

Why do you think you can rep Optimum Nutrition like a boss? What do you love about the brand?

I believe I can rep Optimum Nutrition like a #Boss as I support everything that ON’s products provide and stand for, giving individuals such as me the tools to get stronger, better, and healthier. I am determined to be my best self, and ON provides me with the desire to constantly grind and get things done. What I love most about Optimum Nutrition is their wide variety of products, which ensures that anyone in the health and fitness industry can find something personal within Optimum Nutrition products, regardless of their fitness goals/destination. I love that they provide the accessibility to all health/fitness fanatics to partake and invest in their health and provide immense foundation to the health and fitness industry.

Why should YOU be Canada’s Best Protein Chef?

I believe I am Canada’s Best Protein Chef as I am purely driven by passion and persistence in both health and fitness. My passion for food, the joyful experiences that it brings and its utility as fuel for the body allows me to grow in creativity when developing my recipes, but also prevents me from ever settling, as I am always determined to get better and better. I am tenacious yet always learning from my failures, and I believe that my passion and drive in this field will prevail through my work during the duration of the competition and onwards. I am personable and friendly, and believe this to be an important foundation when conveying my recipes as a Protein Chef through social media, in order to not only engage with the public and encourage #Cleaneating but also represent MUSCLE INSIDER and Optimum Nutrition in the best way possible. I am extremely grateful to be a part of this competition and am very excited to get baking!

What is your favorite Optimum Nutrition product and why?

My favourite Optimum Nutrition product is definitely their Iced Café Vanilla and Mocha Cappuccino flavoured Essential Amino Energy, which not only fuels your body with the essentials that it needs but also tastes absolutely amazing! My favourite drink in the entire world is coffee, especially a sweet and creamy one, and this product hits the jackpot in terms of flavour and quality.


Check Melanie out online at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and her website!