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Mboya Edwards


Five-time Canadian Champion Mboya Edwards was one of Canada’s top amateur bodybuilders with an impressive list of accomplishments to his credit. As a youngster, Mboya was fascinated by the exaggerated physiques of comic book superheroes. He really got hooked on bodybuilding when he saw Flex Wheeler on the cover of a major magazine. He began training in 1994 and entered his first contest in 1996 where he won the lightweight class. Mboya turned PRO in 2008 and has become a highly anticipated professional on the international level. Mboya has developed a classic physique that is very pleasing to look at. He competes professionally now in the 212 and under weight class. His exquisite proportions and great symmetry are very refreshing in a sport that is dominated by mass monsters. Mboya has also had several Media Appearances and Profiles in MuscleMag. (4 issues), Body Sport Mag, Inside Fitness, Ontario Physique Press, TSN and ESPN. Not only is Mboya an accomplished bodybuilder and personal trainer, he's also a full time teacher and consultant with the Toronto District School Board, working with children from varied backgrounds and needs.  

Contest History

2000 CBBF Canadian Championships WelterWeight, 1st
2001 IFBB North American Championships MiddleWeight, 2nd
2002 CBBF Canadian Championships MiddleWeight, 1st
2003 CBBF Canadian Championships MiddleWeight, 2nd
2005 CBBF Canadian Championships Light-HeavyWeight, 2nd
2006 CBBF Canadian Championships Light-HeavyWeight, 1st
2007 CBBF Canadian Championships Light-HeavyWeight, 1st
2008 CBBF Canadian Championships Light-HeavyWeight, 1st

IFBB Pro League

2009 IFBB Europa Supershow LightWeight, 12th
2010 IFBB Detroit Pro Championships 12th
2010 IFBB Europa Supershow LightWeight, 4th
2011 IFBB New York Pro Championships LightWeight, Did not place
2011 IFBB Toronto Pro SuperShow, 202 & Under, 2nd place
2011 IFBB Mr. Olympia, 202 & Under
2012 IFBB New York Pro Championships LightWeight, 6th
2012 IFBB Toronto Pro SuperShow, 212 & Under, 3rd