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Marla Arndt


Pro Fitness Model
Guelph, ON

As a certified personal trainer, Marla Arndt has guided many people toward a healthy lifestyle and permanent change. But she had to work on herself first. After years of fad diets and trying out “weird fitness gadgets,” Marla’s decision to start a family became her inspiration for her own mind/body/life transformation. She focused on eating clean, started a walking program, and trained regularly. And her decision to hire her own personal trainer was a major turning point. As the owner of Frameworks Fitness, Marla’s struggles and successes are easy to relate to, which is why she uses her story to coach and empower her clients. “I am always setting new and exciting goals for myself, something I try to instill in my clients,” Marla says. “Anything is possible if you set your mind to it.” When Marla set her mind to a strict training program for her first fitness competition, she was rewarded with a first place finish in the Masters Fitness Model category, and later a fourth-place finish in the Nationals. She is also a WNSO PRO Masters Fitness Model.