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Lou Joseph


Dedicated and benevolent are two words that can best describe Lou Joseph. Starting out in the world of bodybuilding at the young age of eighteen, Lou has climbed his way to success through hardships and trials, coming out on top and leaving an admirable impression on the way.

At age 18 Lou competed in his first show at the Windsor Cup in 1996, placing third in the Juniors with little to no preparation. The following year in 1997, Lou had his first big win in the OPA placing first in the Juniors, first in Light Heavy, and first Overall. However, much to his dismay, and his fans, at the age of 24, Lou suffered a back injury requiring surgery and he had to fight against the odds to continue with the sport of bodybuilding. Having the drive and determination to persevere, Lou turned pro in 2007 with his Overall win at the Ontario Championships.

After turning pro, Lou competed in the New York Pro Show in 2008 placing 8th, but made a decision after that to put his family and his career first, resulting in his competitive absence from the sport for the past two years.

Behind the scenes Lou has been actively training clients of various levels in his personal business called “Silverback Bodies”. He is currently working on a comeback to the competitive side of the sport using his favourite saying, “Get big or die trying” to motivate him along the way. Fans and friends alike are eager to see this articulate and gentle giant return to the stage and dominate once again with his never-ending can do attitude. 

Contest History

2007 CBBF Canadian National Bodybuilding Championships - Mens Heavy

2011 IFBB New York Pro

2011 IFBB Toronto Pro 4th