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Leah Berti

IFBB Figure Pro

Leah Berti
Calgary, AB

Personal trainer and longtime IFBB pro figure athlete Leah Berti isn’t a contender you want to make the mistake of taking too lightly. From the get-go, you know that her dedicated work ethic means she’s determined to work hard with you too. Not only is Leah a seasoned bodybuilding competitor, she’s also a police officer and an avid sports and outdoorswoman. Somehow, she still finds the time to travel the world too. It’s clear for Leah (and those fortunate enough to be under her tutelage) that variety is key, as well as staying positive, motivated, well-rounded, and focused on results. “It is important to not only train your body but also strengthen your mind to stay focused and enjoy your own personal journey,” she says, adding, “I always lead by example and strive to inspire others to reach for the stars, set goals and attain them!”