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Laura Davies


As a young child, Laura Davies displayed athletic ability. She participated in sports ranging from track to football. At the time weight-lifting was not a typical female pursuit in Canada. However, she began training. Simultaneously, she was approached to be a cheerleader for the Hamilton Tiger Cats. She became part of the Tiger Cats' team at age 16 and continued to be a cheerleader for five years. By that time, Laura Davies graduated from Delta High School in 1974. She married and had David Davies ( September 28, 1984) and Dilaura Angel Davies (June 18, 1999).
Bodybuilding Career

Because of Laura's passion for weight lifting, she pursued bodybuilding. It was weightlifting that ultimately defined her. Today she is known as the "icon of bodybuilding."

Laura has had a successful bodybuilding career. She has had a multitude of wins. In 1980, she became the first Miss Ontario. A year later she won Miss Canada in 1981.

Laura took a thirty-year break from bodybuilding to raise two children, David Davies and Dilaura Angel Davies. After a long leave, she returned to the world of weights in her late forties. In 2010, when she returned to stage, she won the Miss Ontario Title again. Laura's perseverance and determination reflect that success can be achieved even in one’s later years.

Contest History

2013 Toronto pro Supershow

2012 IFBB Chicago Pro - 14th Physique

2012 IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow - 13th Physique

2011 CBBF Canadian Natural Physique Championships - 3rd Masters, 3rd Open

1982 IFBB Ms. Olympia - 16th

1981 CBBF Canadian Championships - 1st Middleweight (Pro Card)

1981 NPC Ms. Eastern USA - 8th

1981 OPA Ontario Provincials - 1st

1981 National Bodybuilding Championships - Women's Middleweight