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Larry Vinette



It must have been decided back when he was just twelve years old that Larry Vinette would become an IFBB pro, because that was when he began to work out and lift weights. The dedication to training daily after school in his home basement with “a Weider do-it-all multi-station set and some free weights” was all because of his father, and this training and time did not go to waste, for even at this age, peers were already talking about Larry’s size and shape.

As a child, Larry was always involved in sports, such as martial arts, skateboarding, and snowboarding (in which he competed at a semi-pro level). So it was only natural that Larry’s natural athletic abilities and competitive side led to an interest in training and weights. Unfortunately, because of an accident and two fractures of his left ankle, Larry’s dreams of competing as a pro in snowboarding faded away. It was then that Larry seriously got back to weight training as his main focus. He joined Gold’s Gym in downtown Montreal, where, because his metabolism was so fast, the main goal was to put on some size.

Intensely researching and really studying the basics of weight training and the body helped Larry decide in 1992 to turn that knowledge into a personal training business called Sculpture Physique. Because of the overwhelming number of questions he received from other members who had noticed his abilities and personal physical accomplishments, Larry knew this was what he wanted to do. In 1996, Larry met coach Charles Poliquin. Poliquin’s teachings enabled Larry to develop knowledge and training years ahead of what everybody else was doing around that time.

Constantly being pushed to actually enter a competition, Larry finally agreed to do a show with only five weeks to prepare. He was awarded the overall title and best poser award and had now found his passion. Taking two years off to gain more size and fine-tune his physique, Larry was ready to compete again, and at this next show, placed second. Larry continued to compete until 1998 and then took a break for five years to concentrate on his business and family. After two children, Larry decided to compete again, and after he won the Pro World Championship, Robert Kennedy sent Larry to Los Angeles for a photo shoot with Robert Reiff at Gold’s Gym Venice. Larry had found his calling. Having graced numerous covers and worked with some of the best pros and photographers, Larry earned a three-year contract with Kennedy’s newest magazine, REPS. In 2008, Larry decided that he wanted to compete again and earn his IFBB pro card. But it wasn’t until 2012 that his dream came true. In 2012, Larry won the overall masters at the CBBF Canadian Nationals. Larry is now also a fitness model and actor.

Birthday: March 2
Height: 5'7"
Contest Weight: 205 lb.
Location: Montreal, Canada
Years Competing: 11 years
Favorite Body Part: Chest
Strongest Body Part: Hamstrings
Favorite Supplements: Caffeine, L-glutamine, BCAA, coconut oils, whey/casein protein powders, ZMA, panax ginseng, alpha lipoic acid.

2012 CBBF Canadian Nationals, overall masters, IFBB pro card
2011 CBBF Canadian Nationals Elite, 3rd place light-heavyweight
2010 CBBF Canadian Nationals, 2nd place light-heavyweight
2009 CBBF Canadian Nationals, 2nd place light-heavyweight
2008 CBBF Canadian Nationals, 3rd place light-heavyweight
2006 FAME Muscle Pro World Champion, pairs division
2006 Trainer of the Year award recipient
2005 FAME Muscle Pro World Champion
2005 Trainer of the Year award recipient
2004 Musclemania World Championship, 7th place Pro Division
2004 Musclemania Superbody, 2nd place Pro Division
2004 FAME/Musclemania Canadian Overall Champion, pro card
2003 Musclemania Canada Nationals, 3rd place middleweight
2003 PNBA Natural Universe, 3rd place Pro Division
2003 INBA Canadian Overall Champion, PNBA pro card
2003 MVP Quest Champion
2003 WNSO Eastern Canadian Overall Champion, pro card
1997 FCPAQ Provincial Championship, 2nd place light-heavyweight
1996 FCPAQ Mr. Montreal, 2nd place light-heavyweight
1994 FCPAQ Vallée Du Richelieu Championship, Overall Champion