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Kalina Estevez

Born and raised on Vancouver Island in BC Canada, Kalina has had a passion for food, nutrition, and health since a very young age. 

Growing up on a farm and developing a strong love for animals, Kalina decided on her own accord to become a vegetarian at the age of 8. 

Following a vegetarian diet required her to have an in-depth knowledge of food and nutrition to ensure optimal health. For this reason she began cooking a lot for herself which naturally bred creativity in the kitchen. 

Her Scottish dad was also a huge inspiration for her (haggis aside). She would often ask her dad what he was cooking up and he would reply with “peanut butter, sardines, eggs, baked beans... “ It seemed like whatever he could scrounge up would be thrown in the pan. Needless to say he was resourceful! 

In 2015 Kalina competed in her first bodybuilding competition, while following a strict diet. With her passion for food she was inspired to create delicious and varied meals while still keeping  within her competition guidelines.

Since competing Kalina has continued to experiment with health and fitness promoting foods. Currently, she is studying sports nutrition  to further her knowledge. She has started a nutrition business and enjoys making her clients’ favourite foods into the healthiest versions possible to keep them on track!

Instagram: @kalinacaseyfitness