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Julia Axford

Name: Julia Axford

Specialty: Personal training and online coaching, contest prep coach
Certifications: CSEP national certification, NPTI certified, NFLAC spin & TRX, group fitness certified, SPI Master trainer, Can Fit pro certified, First Aid & CPR Certified
Home Gym, city and province: Goodlife Rideau, Ottawa, Ontario
Training style: strength & muscular endurance

Why did you become a personal trainer? 

I love giving back & helping other however my job at the time, personal support worker- didn’t coincide with how athletic I was, so when I began working out, I saw the opportunity to start a new career. I wanted to be one of the best personal trainers in the industry. I didn’t want to just be another major corporation trainer- I wanted to have education and branding behind my services.

What do you think is the reason your clients gravitated to you?

First and foremost, I am my own business card, my physique speaks for itself, clients are attracted to the visual that I at the very least look like I know what I am doing. My clients own hard work and dedication speak for themselves by the results they bring. I pride the JAX brand on authenticity and real results. If you are a client of mine, they don’t expect a quick fix or miracle weight loss regimine.

Greatest client success story.

All of my client’s stories are huge successes. It’s remarkable the change in confidence a slight change in self image can bring forth. One particular client of mine however stands out, Ben, lost 75 lbs through exercise alone & of course cutting back on junk foods. He was my roommate so watching his transformation was one of the most transformative things for me to witness. From low confidence, barely able to speak to girls without stumbling over words, to running the nightlife in downtown Ottawa; witnessing someone become a new person simply because they’re more confident in their skin is truly an amazing journey to be apart of.

Why do you think you can rep BSN like a boss? What do you love about the brand? 

Because the JAX brand has always been about going beyond what you think you’re capable of- reaching your breaking point and then going beyond that. BSN’s motto is about hitting your limits then pushing harder past them- my entire life has been about doing just that. I’ve built myself from nothing into something exceeding any expectations I have of myself; there’s always more work that can be done, more effort, so whenever you hit your plateau, or limits, all it takes is putting more effort into blowing past them.

Why should YOU be Canada’s Top trainer?

I don’t believe I am any more deserving to be the top trainer, than any of the other 9 trainers picked for this opportunity. The nomination alone is honor enough, to be picked alongside 9 other trainers who have displayed an excellence in their field. I believe if I’m picked it’s because I embody what it mean’s to be Canada’s Top trainer in its entirety. From client success to positive influence & authenticity in the fitness industry.

What is your favorite BSN product and why?

DNA Series Glutamine DNA; because you can’t ever go wrong with glutamine to protect your muscles and aid in muscle recovery after those intense training sessions. 100% micronized l- glutamine that easily dissolves in shakes for convenience- with my active on the go lifestyle, this is the ideal product to supplement into my routine for my goals.