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Jonathan Ells

Name: Jonathan Ells

Social media: 

Instagram: @jonathan.ells

Podcast: www.boldbravemedia.com/shows/modern-fitness

Gym Name and Address: GoodLife Fitness - Park Lane mall, 5657 Spring Garden Road, Halifax, N.S.  B3J 3R4

Why should YOU be Canada’s Top trainer?

I believe I embody what it means to be a Personal Trainer. I’m personable, passionate, and very driven. Being diverse with my skills is my biggest draw. In my 8.5+ years of being a certified trainer I have helped clients of ALL types hit their goals, completed 11+ certifications, been on live TV 9 times, started a Podcast, am a model, and have broken numerous records in Eastern Canada with my company. I also teach the Personal Trainer Specialist course and am a regional educator running workshops for trainers. When not training clients myself or other trainers, catch me on Instagram, giving out lifestyle and fitness tips or going on rants. Let’s get it!