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Jody Boynton

Jody Boynton
Toronto, ON

What sets Jody Boynton apart from other trainers is his emphasis on functional fitness and a distinct ability to read clients. “My blend of nutrition knowledge along with my troubleshooting approach to correct imbalances or injuries helps my clients achieve fitness, function, and their health goals,” he says. As a personal training instructor for the last decade, fitness writer, and weight-loss coach, Jody’s clients span generations—“everyone from yummy mummies to fitness competitors to endurance athletes”—and he takes pride in motivating them to achieve their best performance. As a nutritional practitioner, Jody feels he can understand and properly recommend supplements to clients based on their needs and explain the contents to a health-conscious crowd. As Jody points out, “People want to know what they are consuming, what effect it will have, and how will it affect them.”