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Joanne Williams, IFBB Pro


Prior to bodybuilding, she was extremely active as a child, and also, through her teen years. Dancing ballet for 10 years and track and field through grade school and high school. These taught her the meaning of consistency and a strong willed work ethic. It also showed he the need for discipline, self-respect, respect for others, accountability and responsibility.

She started her post-secondary education at the University Of Guelph and after graduating, she went on for further studies at Sheridan College. After she went out into the work force, she decided she wanted to live a healthier life and lose a few pounds. She hired a trainer and was told that she had a genetic ability to build muscle and had great symmetry. She was ignorant with the knowledge of competing but, started to pick up magazines and began reading. Learning about female bodybuilders like Lenda Murray, Cory Everson and Rachael Mclish inspired Joanne to pursue bodybuilding even further. 

She decided in 2007 that she wanted to compete. But in spring 2008, she was diagnosed with phase one breast cancer and had to undergo radiation therapy.

"I fought for my life and beat the cancer and got back into the gym and wanted to fulfill my dreams now more than ever. Second chance at life, no excuses. I embraced the life I loved so much and went for it. In 2010 I made my mark , I wanted to show the world and myself that you can do anything you want to. We need to be in visionaries and believe in ourselves mind body and soul." 

The people who have brought Joanne to where she is today include: IFBB Pro Bob Weatherill, Hany Rambod, Alvin Brown and the late Darren Oliver. 

Birthdate: 11/22/71
Weight: 150 contest weight, 162 off season
Height: 5'5"
University/College: Guelph University, Nutritional Sciences, Sheridan College, Marketing/Advertising
Occupation: Finance

Contest History:

2010 Mississauga Classic: Overall Champion

2010 Ontario's: 1st Place Heavyweight Class
1st Place Heavyweight Masters Class

2011 Canadian Nationals: 2nd Place Heavyweight Masters Class
3rd Place Heavyweight Class

2012 Canadian Nationals: 1st Place Heavyweight Class & Overall Champion (Earned IFBB Pro Card)