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Jeremy Jackson

Jeremy Jackson
Fitness Coach/Personal Trainer/Fitness Model
Toronto, ON

“I live for fitness,” says Jeremy Jackson. “I thrive off the feelings it provides my clients and after every workout and new goal achieved.” Jeremy has had bodybuilding on the brain since he started working at GNC. While there, he met many athletes who inspired him to attend and later compete at a Fitness STAR event. “It was like a family of fitness people,” he recalls. He counts his hard-won onstage confidence and winning performances (best abs in 2011) as life changing. In between competitions, Jeremy can be found at System Fitness in Toronto where he coaches “people on all different levels to help give them the same types of feelings that fitness has brought me. I’ve gained a number of certifications along the way including TRX, barbell, and stretch. I train athletes for fitness shows, and I’m about to start an online coaching site for competitors all over the world.”