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Isaac Levy

Name: Isaac Levy

Specialty: Strength training and conditioning
Certifications: NFPT
Home Gym, city and province: Strolf , Toronto , Ontario
Training style: Primarily bodybuilding with doses of HIIT

Why did you become a personal trainer? 

I used to be a soccer player, a pretty good one. My fault was
how many injuries I sustained. I had no choice but to learn
how to take care of my body when coaches and doctors
couldn't give me the answers. After opening a soccer school
with my father, I realized that teaching was for me... Fitness
however became my new passion. My cousin Isaac gave me
my first start in his studio, I'm forever grateful. Since then I've
moved on and opened my own company called Project|fit ,
based around in-home training and working with groups.

What do you think is the reason your clients gravitated to

Sometimes I wonder that myself. Lol. I'm very fortunate to be
working with some amazing individuals, blessed that they are more
like family than even friends. I do my utmost to give my clients
what they need, whether it's a pep talk, or some motivating words
or just that jolt of enthusiasm at 6 AM. Aside from the joking
around, my clients all know that I'm very serious about my job and
I maintain the fact that I push to get results as quickly as possible
and I think that's what they love most.

Greatest client success story.

I met this client about 6 years ago, she was in her early 40's
and struggled with her weight and an unhealthy lifestyle.
She'd been living like this for many years and was
desperately needing a change. When she approached me
she was 238 pounds, standing at a tiny 5'2".
When I spoke to her the first time I was hesitant to take
such a client due to many risks but I had faith that she was
In for a real change. To make a story short , fast forward 4
years to my wedding day, Nov 18, 2012... Where I saw her
strut into the room with a lean cut physique, backless dress
and super high heels at less than 120 lbs. She was
shredded and ready for stage. I couldn't have been more
proud of how far she had come!

Why do you think you can rep BSN like a boss? What do you
love about the brand?

If I'd affiliate myself with anyone or anything it would be the
elite and ONLY the elite. BSN has proved that time after time
that they are industry leaders and constantly deliver the
goods.., that's what I love about them. Consistency at the
highest level, a quality I feel i deliver on a daily basis.
My positive outlook and motivating words, mixed with
dashingly good looks ( joking... ) and a lean cut physique
with a body of knowledge is just what they need to represent
such a brand.

Never having represented a brand in the fitness field, this
gives me such motivation to keep working hard. Initially
when I started my social media campaign it was to raise
awareness of my business locally, but it's turned into so
much more. Receiving so many messages and letters from
prospective clients and followers was unexpected... I'm just a
guy who likes to help people get their pump on! I've pretty
much excelled in everything I've done over my life, I don't
intend to stop now.

Why should YOU be Canada’s Top trainer? 

Why shouldn't I be? I bust my ass to make a difference!
In all fairness there are some amazing individuals out there
across Canada that are great trainers. I never like to toot my
own horn and say I'm the best... It just feels weird. But I do
live for this. On any given day you'll find me sweat soaked in
some dive of a gym, or outside at some park just testing out
new ways to get in the pump.

What sets me apart is my diversity. I'm not set in my way
when it comes to training. I'm not just a bodybuilder or a
crossfitter. I do what is needed to get the job done. If it
means knocking out sprint session with my clients then so
be it... Or an afternoon yoga session, I teach it all.
From the minute my clients start training with me, to the
second they finish up their last stretches they know they've
spent their dollars well because they've invested in
themselves and someone that will help them be who they've
always wanted to be. I'm the shrink, the best friend, the
mentor, the mommy and daddy, the motivator and the
tormentor. I do whatever it takes.

What is your favourite BSN product and why?

The first BSN supplement I ever took was N.O.explode...
That helped propel my workouts for at least three years,
absolutely loved it. More recently I've been able to supply
my clients with BSN's whey protein, Syntha6...probably the
best tasting protein on the market. It's always hard to push
something on the clients when they're not sure what it is, But
when it's so delicious they usually beg for it.

Today I personally dig the DNA stack. It's a total package of
what I need to propel me to the next level. A great split of
building, shredding and recovery agents that play a big role
in my pre and post workout schedule... Something I couldn't
go a day without.