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IFBB Pro Simone Maman

Name:  Simone Maman (Sinclaire), IFBB Pro

Specialty:  Empowerment Through Education
Certifications:  Registered Hypnotherapist, Certified Sport Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer
Home Gym, city and province:  Anytime Fitness, Maple, Ontario and LA Fitness Vaughan, Ontario
Training style:  Always goal-dependent, heavy focus on strength training, high volume for time-efficiency

Why did you become a personal trainer?

I became a personal trainer as an accessory to the work I was already producing as a nutritionist and a hypnotherapist.  True health is a trifecta; it is a balance of the physical, mental and emotional facets of our being. While strength training obviously works on the physical element, I’ve found little else in life to so heavily dose all other areas of my wellness.  Personal training teaches a skill that can be manipulated and used for a lifetime.  It nurtures an inner artist.  It guides growth.  It energizes and empowers the spirit and to be able to somehow be a part of that in another human being is nothing short of amazing. 

What do you think is the reason your clients gravitated to you? 

My goal is to help my clients wholeheartedly believe that what they dream of becoming is not only attainable but already a great part of who they are; who we all are even.  To do so, I need to be a reflection of not only their goals but also the very honest and humbling process of achieving them.  I am transparent.  I am intuitive.  I am sincere.  I possess a great deal of empathy and show compassion.  I have myself travelled a challenging road to arrive where I am today and openly share with my clients not only my lessons learned but also my ongoing challenges.  Personal training is not about achieving perfection.  It is about evolution of the spirit and the body it lives in.  It is about pride in process and not only in physique.  I allow myself to be perfectly “flawed” so that my clients are able to see what is possible.  I connect myself  to their goals as organically as possible and I know that it is that transparency and commitments that almost instantly and very innately builds are rapport.

Greatest client success story.

As I mentioned, my specialty really is Empowerment Through Education.  It would be fiscally wise to withhold that secret sauce that makes my methods so effective but it would be doing my clients a great disservice.  I’ve witnessed far too many women achieve their physical goals while working with a coach or a program, only to regress into their old ways once their coaching time is over.  We cannot do what we do not understand and simply doing, following blindly, teaches nothing except the misconception that without a trainer, we cannot be at our best.  The time I spend with each of my clients is heavily rooted in education.  I do not only show them how but further teach them WHY.  They leave with an in depth appreciation of their capacity and an arsenal of tools which allow them to single-handedly take control of their future self and wellbeing.  One client in particular, Hannah Hart, came to me with an extensive list of allergies, aversions and ailments.  Not only were we able to regain control of her health but Hannah eventually went on to compete as a bikini athlete, winning each of her shows, becoming a professional level competitor and now, a coach herself!  In our short time together, Hannah gained the knowledge that she now uses to guide other goal-driven women.  What we achieved together continues to inspire new athletes today.  I’m beyond proud of Hannah as a student and as a leader and feel validated by how far my guidance has gone.

Why do you think you can rep BSN like a boss? What do you love about the brand? 

BSN offers possibly the most comprehensive line of products available from any one brand.  The longevity of the company proves its reliability.  The thorough product offering allows us to custom stack our supplements, knowing that they will always ideally interact.  As our goals evolve and physical requirements vary, BSN supports with variety.  The current brand ambassadors are dynamic and represent a very large cross section of our community; ensuring that no matter what our mindset, there is always an athlete to inspire it.  There is perhaps one athlete missing – the woman who did the otherwise unthinkable and became an IFBB Pro with 4 babies in her arms.  I’d be an invaluable asset to BSN’s existing team of athletes.  For any woman who buys into the limiting beliefs that any goal is somehow unavailable to her because of her age/motherhood/schedule, I represent the flaw in her thinking and the fact that if she wants it, she can absolutely have it.  BSN needs a frank and fit mom to speak to the fact that these are truly everyone’s products.

Why should YOU be Canada’s Top trainer? 

The fact is, I don’t know if I am worthy of the title “Canada’s Top Trainer”.  I concern myself very little with the work of other trainers.  This isn’t as a result of any sense of superiority.  It is simply a function of being entirely and exclusively committed to each of my clients in a way that is devoid of ego or distraction.  Each of my coach/client interactions has been perfectly unique and for that very reason, I am required to modify my methods constantly.  I cannot define what the top trainer in the country is or what sort of attributes they possess that elevate them to the top of the list.  What I do know is what it takes to ensure that each of my clients get the absolute best of me.  While this nomination is very much an honour, the greatest honour still is the one of a woman in search of something beautiful within, entrusting me with the duty of helping her find it. 

What is your favourite BSN product and why? 

Hands down, always was and always will be N.O. Explode.  This was one of the very first products that I was introduced to as a tired mommy in desperate need of some energy in the gym.  There will always be days when we don’t feel sufficiently connected to our goals or motivated to put in the work required to achieve them.  Certainly I have days that follow a sleepless night that was spent soothing a crying baby and while it would be all too easy to skip a workout, it is almost as easy to let N.O. Explode fill in for those missing energy stores and give me the focus I need to get the work done.