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Iain Valliere


Birth Date: November 27, 1990

Iain ran track and field and dabbled in football and studied Fitness and Health Promotion at Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology, Ottawa, Canada, in 2008–2010.

Training Philosophy

Like most professional bodybuilders, Iain Valliere has two different phases: the off-season and in-season contest prep. He trains differently during each phase.

When in the off-season, Iain Valliere will train at lower rep range with heavier weights to pack on muscle mass. This kind of training, coupled with a caloric diet, forces his body into growth.

On the other hand, his contest prep training will consist of high reps and moderate weight. He’ll keep his workouts short and intense. Short, because he’s in a caloric deficit and doesn’t want to lose muscle by training for too long.

Too much training in the in-season can also lead to an injury and increase stress levels due to elevated cortisol. This is why Iain likes to play it smart, knowing that bodybuilding isn’t a sprint but a marathon.

Diet Philosophy

Iain doesn’t like to overcomplicate his diet. He says he eats the same foods all year-round. The only factor that changes are the quantities of foods in the off-season and in-season.

For example, if Iain is preparing for a show, he’ll reduce his carbs and fats, while keeping the protein up. This enables him to shred a lean physique without sacrificing his muscle mass.

Iain Valliere Contest History

Amateur Competition 

2010 OPA Ottawa Championships – 1st Junior Men’s, 3rd Men’s Heavyweight

2011 OPA Provincial Championships – 1st Junior Men’s

2011 CBBF Nationals – 1st Junior Men’s 

2013 OPA Ottawa Championships – 1st Men’s Super-Heavyweight & Overall Champion

2014 OPA Provincial Championships – 1st Men’s Super-Heavyweight & Overall Champion

2014 Amateur Olympia Mexico – 1st Men’s Heavyweight & Overall Champion (Pro card)

IFBB Pro League Competitions

2015 Toronto Pro Supershow, IFBB Men’s Bodybuilding, 5th place

2016 Toronto Pro Supershow, IFBB Men’s Bodybuilding, 7th place

2016 Vancouver Pro, IFBB Men’s Bodybuilding, 9th place

2018 Indy Pro – 4th

2018 Vancouver Pro – 4th

2018 Big Man Weekend Pro Men’s Bodybuilding – 1st

2018 Olympia – 14th

2019 Toronto pro Men’s Bodybuilding – 2nd

2019 Vancouver Pro Men’s Bodybuilding – 4th

2019 Portugal Pro Bodybuilding – 3rd

2019 Tampa Pro Men’s Bodybuilding – 3rd

2020 Tampa Pro Men’s Bodybuilding – 2nd

2020 New York Pro Men’s Bodybuilding – 1st

2020 Olympia 7th