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Greg Doucette


Greg Doucette, Canadian IFBB Pro

By: Tina Goinarov

With over 100 bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions under his belt, it’s no wonder that Greg Doucette turned IFBB pro in 2012. Greg’s passion and interest in bodybuilding was sparked by watching an episode of That’s Incredible! in which a 13-year-old was competing in bodybuilding. The serious weight training for Greg began at the age of 10 with his father and twin brother. They were in the gym three days a week, training the whole body using equipment that Greg’s father had made by hand. Greg loved those training sessions and says it’s “one of my fondest memories growing up.”

At age 17, Greg entered and won his first bodybuilding competition at just over 140 pounds. Around the same time, he competed in powerlifting competitions at a local bench press contest. In his first official powerlifting meet, Greg set the national record in the bench press for both juniors and seniors on his opening attempt, lifting 342 pounds at a weight of 148 pounds. Fast forward to 2010, when Greg won the WPC World Championships Best Lifter Award, setting a WPC world record for powerlifting. His best official raw paused bench in competition is 529 pounds—the fourth most weight ever benched for his 198-pound category. With numerous wins and records set in both powerlifting and bodybuilding, Greg hopes to make his IFBB pro debut at the New York Pro followed by the Toronto Pro SuperShow in the 212-pound class.

Greg has been has been featured in numerous training articles and showcased in pictures in over 20 magazines, including Planet Muscle, MuscleMag International, and Flex.

Not only is Greg a talented athlete and competitor known in the industry as “pound for pound the world’s strongest bodybuilder,” but he also has his master’s degree in education and had the highest average in kinesiology at Acadia University. Right now, he works full-time as a contest prep coach, personal trainer, and nutrition advisor and runs his own business, Doucette Personal Training and Consulting.

Greg plans to keep competing as often as possible with his eyes set on breaking the all-time record in powerlifting, which, barring injuries, he feels fully capable of doing. His goal is to bench 550, squat 635, and deadlift 725 while at a bodyweight of under 198 pounds.

Contest History

2012 CBBF Canadian National Bodybuilding Championships - Light Heavyweight