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Frank McGrath


Contest History

2003 CBBF Canadian National Bodybuilding Championships - Mens Super Heavy

IFBB Pro Frank McGrath’s rise within the amateur ranks of Canadian bodybuilding is nothing short of meteoric. Initially, Frank secured both class and overall wins at the Newfoundland Provincial Championships. Frank’s next show was the Canadian Nationals. His first attempt at a Pro card was unsuccessful but in 2003 Frank earned his Pro card with a perfect score. His physique was so dominant at the CBBF Nationals that he won his class with only one call-out. Another amazing fact is that Frank admits he only prepared for seven weeks for this win! McGrath competed in his first of three Pro shows at the 2004 Toronto Pro Show.

Torn Triceps

His competitive career was postponed in 2008 when Frank suffered a triceps injury while doing skull crushers for 205 lbs. Initially diagnosed incorrectly Frank waited for three months for a second opinion where it was revealed that he did tear his triceps tendon.

Car Accident

After a lengthy layoff McGrath suffered another setback. In early 2010 Frank was involved in an automobile accident. An oncoming vehicle jumped the median and hit Frank’s car head on. Frank lost his spleen, suffered a collapsed lung, lost three litres of blood and had the skin torn from his previously injured triceps.