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Fiona Harris


Athletics and fitness have always been a huge part of my life.  From a very young age, I was involved in tonnes of sports.  Gymnastics, soccer, track and field … I loved it all!  If it involved competition, I could be found at the center of it.  Through it all though,  gymnastics was always my passion.  I was a competitive gymnast for 11 years, training up to 24 hours a week.  It meant a lot of sacrifices to dedicate that much time to my training, but I loved every minute of it.  Gymnastics taught me self-discipline, focus and commitment.  My passion for a healthy lifestyle continued into university, where I developed a love for weight training.  This paired perfectly with my educational focus on human physiology, biomechanics and nutrition.  I took my education one step further to receive extensive instruction and certifications in personal training, including CanFit Pro, CPAFLA and PFLC.  Following graduation, I started my career in the pharmaceutical sales industry.

After years of training myself in the gym, I went in search of a new challenge and reached out to a good friend to become my coach.  Joining up with her team of competitors and finding a renewed focus,  I dieted and trained extremely hard and competed for the very first time in November 2010.  My goal was simple - overcome my fears, step on stage and display all my hard work. Never once did I think I would walk away with a first place trophy.  And that was it – one show and I was hooked!  The competitive fire was relit inside me and has been burning ever since.  A year and half after first stepping on stage, I achieved what every woman in my sport dreams of – my IFBB Pro Card and the opportunity to compete amongst the best fitness athletes in the world!  Within my first year as an IFBB Pro, I will have the opportunity to step on stage at both the prestigious Olympia and Arnold Europe.

Contest History

2012 CBBF World Championships Qualifier - Fitness

2013 IFBB Arnold Classic Europe

2013 IFBB Olympia Weekend

2013 IFBB PBW Tampa Pro

2013 IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow

2013 IFBB Arnold Classic Brazil

2013 IFBB Arnold Classic

2012 IFBB Masters Olympia & Pro World

2012 IFBB Fort Lauderdale Cup

2012 IFBB Arnold Classic Europe - 7th

2012 IFBB Olympia Weekend

2012 IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow

2012 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro - 3rd

2012 IFBB Arnold Amateur - 2nd