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Evelyn Mihaly


Evelyn Mihaly, born in Marcali, Hungary on February 2nd, 1994 earned her IFBB Professional Status on August 9th, at the 2014 CBBF Winnipeg Nationals. That year, at the age of 20, she became one of Canada’s youngest IFBB Professionals.

Just two years prior to winning Nationals, Evelyn placed 8th at her very first regional show, in the 2012 O’Brien/Luchka Classic. She found herself almost discouraged by her placing; but she did not give up. Instead, she returned to the O’Brien Luchka Classic the following year, after taking a year off. In 2013, she brought a better package to the stage, and was awarded with a 3rd place trophy and provincial qualification! This set fuel to the fire. A dream was given hope; a dream of one day placing first.

Evelyn took another year off to train, and improve, for the 2014 competitions. That year she took the overall at London Natural Regionals.  She then competed at the Toronto Provincial Championships for a first place award, followed by another first place at Hamilton Natural Provincials. Finally, at the Winnipeg Natural Nationals, Evelyn won the Bikini overall and earned her Pro Card. It was a busy six months and well worth the effort, sweat, and time.
Evelyn is now focused on nurturing young athletes and future Professionals in the OPA, CBBF, and IFBB with her coaching and guidance. As well as making Canada proud at the International Federation of Body Building events for many years to come. She is very excited for her future with the IFBB.