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Erin Harding


Figure competitor Erin Harding is a woman of many roles – wife, mother and competitive athlete. Growing up, she was always very active and played pretty much every sport possible! Her main
sporting focus at that time was competitive swimming and rowing, but she also took to the “gym rat life” around that age of 21. Erin always had an interest in fitness competitions but never thought that she could “do the diet” and therefore, did not commit to a competition.

Well that all changed in January 2010, when Erin started training for her first competition - The Western Canadians, largely in part to her husband and a trainer at my gym. For years this trainer had been bugging her to compete because apparently she had “the perfect structure”. Not fully sure of what that meant and what was heading her way, Erin agreed. She was very excited to
start the competition prep and really just needed that last 5% push of support. Erin states that her husband actually booked the appointment without her knowing and told her when and where to

After having come off a very successful competition season in 2010, Erin welcomed a strong off-season with the goal of Nationals 2011. She jumped into hard training with both feet and
approximately three months later she found out she was pregnant. This put the hopes and goals for the 2011 Nationals on hold but Erin learned that the Figure Nationals 2012 would be held in
BC, and her goal of stepping back on stage was made. On September 9 2011, via C-Section, Erin and her husband welcomed a baby girl. Erin wasted no time and got back in the gym at 7
weeks post partum for a little but extremely exhilarating session of pop squats, speed walking and push-ups. She slowly eased her way back into training until she was in full prep.

While in the gym, Erin trains with the mindset that she will never let anyone out train her; her motto has become “Train hard or don’t bother”. What motivates Erin - knowing that she created a better version of herself inside and out and that she can inspire people by doing what she truly loves.

Erin is very excited to step back on stage as a Pro Figure competitor in 2013. She has two shows planned and Olympia in sight – her ultimate goal.

“Imagine with all your mind. Believe with all your heart. Achieve with all your might.”

Contest History:
2010 Western Canadian Kelowna BC 1st place Figure Medium-tall and Overall
2010 BC Championships 1st place Figure Medium-tall and Overall
2010 Nationals Ontario 1st place Figure Medium-tall
2012 Nationals BC 1st place Figure class E & 1st place Masters Figure Medium Overall Pro Card
2012 Tournament of Champions Culver City California 7th place
2013 Competitive Plans:
California State Pro Figure
Toronto Pro SuperShow