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Erika French

Name: Erika French

Specialty: Fat Loss, Transformations, Bikini Competition Prep

Certifications: B.A Memorial University, Can-Fit-Pro, GLPLI, DAT (Dynamic Assessment and Treatment), CPR, First Aid

Home Gym, city and province: My Kick Ass Gym: Balance Fitness, Dartmouth Nova Scotia

Training style: The Drill Sergeant and the Cheerleader.

Why did you become a personal trainer?

Becoming a Personal Trainer was a profession that choose me after a complete life transformation of losing 90lbs, in my early 20s. I went from 205lbs and over 40% body fat down to 130lbs and 17% body fat in my first Bikini competition in 2010. After that I was hooked and realized that health and fitness was my passion. To me being a Personal trainer is not just about the physical side its about the mental and emotional side as well and you can't change the body until you change the mindset. After losing 90lbs and changing my mindset the whole idea of helping people do the same just seemed to fit. I became the Personal trainer that clients and people can relate too, enduring the same struggles as well as triumphs along side with them.

What do you think is the reason your clients gravitated to you?

Some clients gravitate towards me with my no excuses, get it done attitude and some shy away as I push them out of their comfort zones. Over the years I had to learn how to tap into more of the emotional side to help my clients break through mental barriers in becoming a better version of themselves. Putting a client through a challenging workout is easy, its what happens outside of the gym is the challenging part. Sending text messages to clients who are struggling with emotional eating, congratulating a client who lost a pant size and can't stop smiling, or the client who has dropped down their medications or stopped taking them completely. Its moments like this that make me go above and beyond to show my support not only as their Personal trainer but as their friend, mentor, and coach. Lifting people up when they need it the most.

Greatest client success story.

About two and half years ago I met Rod Barnstead who goes by “Barney” and what a character he is! He came in with his wife and wanted to get into shape as they were both getting older and needed some help to reach their goals. I started training with Barney and being a man he had a hard time with ego lifting as he always trained the way he knew how. At the age of 57 he had over developed certain areas of his body and had quite a few injuries and limitation as well as an extra 50lbs on his frame. After a year of doing corrective exercises and drilling into him the importance of nutrition which he struggled with, he finally managed to follow my advice and change his eating habits. After that the fat just melted away and he started to listen to his body and learn mind to muscle connection and the muscles popped and his body transformed. I took a 57 year old man who was 235lbs and 30% body fat down to 189lbs and 16% body fat and now he is ripped and training like some of my clients who are half his age. Pushing 60 years old he trains like hes 25 because of his mindset and he refuses to feel like hes “old”. Over the years we have developed a great friendship so much that I invited him to come and train with me during my workouts. He pushes me when I need the motivation and he learned it from the best! Next one on his bucket list is doing a bodybuilding competition in the future and he jokes about starting a modeling career!

Why do you think you can rep EFX Sports like a boss? What do you love about the brand?

If I believe in something then its easy for me to rep it like a boss because my passion and enthusiasm shines through. When you believe in a product that is going to help you reach your goals and live a healthier life you want to share that with the world, especially if your passion is helping people change their lives. I have not tried EFX products yet so I am excited to see what they have to offer.

Why should YOU be Canada’s Top trainer?

When I became a Personal trainer I wanted to help people feel as good as I did when I changed my life and lost 90lbs. I felt like I completed transformed and I wanted to show others that they too can change their lives even when they feel hopeless. I was once in their shoes, doing diet after diet and getting no where. I can relate to a lot of my clients who struggle with fat loss and low self esteem and feeling like they are always starting over. Changing your body happens with changing your mindset first and then everything else follows. I have changed a lot of mindsets with my clients to help them become better people and live a healthier life. The workouts in the gym are just a small component of changing your body, the real work happens outside the gym with the support you receive and the relationships you build to help your clients change their life. In the gym I am focused and help my clients push their body physically as well as mentally and celebrate their successes be it big or small.

What is your favorite EFX product and why?

I have not tried EFX products yet.

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