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Eren Legend


ON HIS WAY TO BECOMING LEGEND – ARY.  My One on One with Canada’s Newest Men’s Physique IFBB Pro Eren Legend.

By: Tina Goinarov

Competition History

Mr. World Physique IFBB Pro Eren Legend
2013 – (Natural) Mr. Ottawa Physique Overall Champion
2013 – (Natural) Mr. Ontario Physique Overall Champion
2014 – (Natural) National Canadian Physique Champion

2014 – (Natural) Mr. World Physique Overall Champion (IFBB Pro Card Earned)

He may be young (born September 6th 1990), but Eren Legend is a man who has accomplished more than most his age and there is no stopping him by the looks of it.  In just a few short years he has earned some top honors and has created a business and enterprise all his own - Mr. World Physique Champion - IFBB Professional Athlete, 4x Undefeated Natural Canadian Champion, Founder & CEO: Legend Fitness & Health, Personal Fitness & Health Consultant, Internationally Published Cover Fitness Model and Contest Preparation/Posing Coach.  IFBB Pro Eren Legend is about this life and has made it a point to show others that you can do all you set out to do and make those dreams and goals happen.

1 Give a brief account of how you started in the fitness industry

I had always been fond of bodybuilding since a young age. While studying to earn his diploma in Massage Therapy, my oldest brother would leave Anatomy text books around the house. I quickly became fascinated with how the human body is the ultimate tool! I knew instantly at that point that I wanted to pursue a career that would allow me to work with individuals to build, strengthen and rehabilitate their body to unlock their potential! I had been involved in many sports growing up, however as I grew older my interest in building my physique to accommodate more aesthetic purposes began to grow as well. Of course, like many of us. I used Arnold Schwarzenegger for inspiration and as a role model to pursue Fitness and Health in my earlier days.

2 Going back to the day that you won your IFBB pro card, how did it feel?  What was that moment like for you?  What did it mean?

Oh goodness, the best day of my life! I was very excited to be able to represent Team Canada, my entire family and many friends traveled from around Canada to watch me compete. It was an honor that I was able to share history with them, being the only Canadian to close off the IFBB World Championships winning Gold for our beloved Country. Shortly after that the Canadian National anthem played for the first time, it truly was a “Legendary” moment; my family and friends being there to contribute to the moment with chants of "241!" & "CAN-A-DA!" is a moment I will forever cherish.

3 Do you take an off season?

I had my first ever Off Season last year, where I was able to make a considerable amount of improvements. I was not aware of how much I had improved until I was able to step on stage at the Natural Canadian Nationals and compare photos to the Natural Provincials (where I won my Natural Mr. Ontario Title). I am looking forward to applying new techniques that I have learned throughout this season. I am excited to see how many improvements I can make as I look ahead to my Pro Debut in June.

4 What is a typical training schedule like for you?

It depends on whether or not I am trying to add Mass/Definition or Density to a muscle. It is important to note that I have discovered what my body responds to best through years of neuromuscular adaptation exercises. I find targeting a muscle group with a variation of Compound and Isolation exercises twice a week has proven to be beneficial for me. Some of my muscle groups respond to alternate methods therefore approaches to my training schedule vary throughout the year.
Tuesday: Biceps/Triceps
Wednesday: Legs/Core
Thursday: Shoulders, Obliques, Posterior Chain
Friday: Back/Traps
Saturday: High Intensity Interval Resistance Training
Sunday: Steady State Cardio

5 Who are some of your influences or heroes in the sport that you look up to?

I have the utmost respect for my Coach Mr. Canada Physique IFBB Pro Chris Gurunlian. Without his guidance it would have never been possible for me to reach my potential. He inspired me when I was present to watch him win his IFBB Pro Card, when I competed my first time at the Canadian Nationals. "Coach" and I had become great friends and I could not be more esteemed to be able to share any of my successes with him. I am excited to join my role model in the Pro League and I would love for nothing more than Team LudaChris to have an Olympia presence! Perhaps a little ambitious, however I believe in my Coach’s potential and his expertise.

6 What has been your favorite moment to date?

Easily sharing the history making moment with my friends, family and Coach winning the World Champion Title and my IFBB Pro Card in the city where the International Federation of Bodybuilding was founded! There was so much going on in that moment and I can assure you, the strongest Canadian presence was felt across the World. The emotions and energy was incredibly high and as O' Canada played I felt we truly united together as a Nation!

7 What are your future plans regarding competition?

I am looking to extend making history as the 1st ever Canadian Men’s Physique Athlete at the Olympia. I have 2 shows planned at the moment. My Pro Debut will be at the Toronto Pro Supershow where I competed last year and watched as IFBB Men’s Physique Athletes took the stage. I promised myself that I would share that stage with them in the next year. After competing at The 2013 Canadian Nationals in Vancouver, I have fallen in love with the city and I was ecstatic when they announced they would host a Pro Show there in July 2015! I cannot wait to return to Vancouver again.

8 What advice do you have for those getting into the sport?

The sooner you determine why it is you are pursuing competing, the quicker you will rise. If your intentions aren't solidified from the start you may find it difficult to stay motivated leading into your show and as a competitor a big part of making it to the stage is enjoying the journey! Do not try and commit to please or prove anything to anyone or feel the need to compete to be accepted. If you choose to compete in this sport, it is much more fulfilling and empowering if you are doing it for yourself, with your experience you can influence others to do the same. Bodybuilding is an art and art is defined as an expression of one's self. This sport is about becoming one with your body while fulfilling a desire and purpose.

9 How long are you usually prepping for a show?

I had most success prepping for 9 Weeks at The Natural Canadian Nationals under the guidance of my Coach Chris Gurunlian. I try to stay 10lbs above stage weight in my off season. My body responds well to prepping, I will extend my prep for my Pro Debut in 8 months (June 2015)

10 What is your take on doing cardio? Off season?

I enjoy doing cardio and I find it builds a healthier muscle while concurrently speeds up the process of fat oxidation. I also believe in being a complete athlete and I enjoy improving my cardio while doing more functional styles of training. I slowly taper off my extra performed cardio In Season as I reverse diet out into my Off Season.

11 How important is posing?

The most important! Being a posing Coach I can attest that it is how you define yourself on stage to set yourself apart from others. I always tell my clients, Bodybuilding, being an art is an expression of one's self. Through your poses and transitions you are defining yourself, without opening your mouth to the judges! You have to convince the judges through your body language that you are confident, that you are enjoying this experience but also that you have mastered displaying your strengths and hiding your weaknesses. If you have a powerful physique and your transitions are aggressive it will not be seen as inviting (which is the main goal in Men’s Physique). What is a great physique if you do not know how to display it well?

12 If you had not turned IFBB Pro by this year, what would your next steps have been in regard to competing again?

Due to winning the Overall Title at Natural Provincials in 2013 I have an unlimited qualification to compete at the Natural Canadian Nationals. Being a proud Canadian, It would have been an honor to win as Mr. Canada and I would want to secure a Pro Card that way. I am content with how I obtained it the same goal of representing my Country has been obtained.

13 Looking back on your competitive career, is there anything you would change?

I have learned lots about the sport, people, life and most importantly myself through these experiences. I am proud of who I am today and I could not have achieved that, had I taken a different path in life. Through my experiences I will motivate, educate, empower and inspire others to reach their potential. I can only be happy about the things that "are", not the ones that "aren't"

14 What do you do when you are not competing?

Think about competing haha! I am very passionate about competing and it is the only state in which I feel I am actually in the truest and purest form of myself. It is very addictive and difficult to think of anything else. I run Legend Fitness & Health and work as a Fitness & Health Consultant. I enjoy connecting with my Legends (followers) and find new ways to improve my training and nutrition approaches! Competing is not a hobby, it is a lifestyle and I am always investing in ways to gain any competitive advantage over my opposition.

15 Is there anything about you that we do not know, that you want to share?

I have made a promise to give back to the industry that has given my life so much purpose. I love helping people and if they too can find their purpose in life through competing, I would love to inspire that spark!

16 Favorite body part to train.

I love training my back! I recall seeing a photo of my back for the first time 4 years ago! I was impressed with what I saw but not content! I not only love the look of a perfectly shaped strong back, but also the feeling you get and increased posture from training your back! I also love that I can lift a lot of weight on back days! I enjoy hitting my back muscles from many different angles as well. I will never be bored of Back haha!

17 Favorite supplements.

I have noticed tremendous progress while supplementing with Creatine Monohydrate! Most people cycle on and off for a few weeks, however I noticed best results for my body when I take Creatine on my Anaerobic training days! I'll have 1 scoop in the morning with my BCAAs and Glutamine, while performing a fasted workout (Even in off season) then I will supplement with 1 scoop of Creatine with 2 Scoops of Whey Protein and 1 scoops of Glutamine post workout! I have noticed a large surge in strength, endurance and muscle density following this protocol!

18 What are your thoughts regarding the direction of Men's Physique?

I love it! Having a Men’s Physique division provides an opportunity for individuals like myself, who wish to maintain an aesthetic, athletic physique, to also fulfill a passion in competing! Being a Natural Athlete it is more appealing and obtainable to acquire the "Men’s Physique look." Since its inception, the division has exploded and it grows with every year! I would love to be a part of the early Canadian IFBB Pros to define the category! I love the direction it is heading in and I hope the Olympia standard is consistent for what the division should look like across the board!

19 As a Canadian IFBB Pro, how do you feel Canadians are looked at and judged when competing on an international stage?

We have yet to have a Canadian IFBB Pro at the Olympia for Men’s Physique. I would love to be the first to make history in doing so. I do not believe it boils down to where you are from or what team you represent! I truly believe when you put in the necessary work to excel and take no shortcuts you will earn what you deserve! Canada is the best country in the World and being a Canadian is an honor wherever you go! I recall traveling in Europe and Central America... Any mention of being Canadian would result in respect and admiration! It is with great honor and esteem that I have been fortunate enough to grow up in Canada and I will do everything in my power to ensure our Nations presence is felt across the World.

With wisdom, a great head on his shoulders, a solid foundation and understanding of this industry and himself, there is no doubt in my mind that IFBB Pro Eren Legend will accomplish all he has set out to accomplish because his track record already proves that.  It is easy to get caught up in the industry or even lost, but Eren has found his strengths.  He will be one of the ones who will continue to lead and guide others either directly or indirectly with his presence on and off the stage.

To keep up with Eren and all he is up to, follow him on:
Instagram: @ErenLegendIFBBPro
Website: LegendStandard.com
Youtube: YouTube.com/user/MrErenLegend