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Dominique Matthews

Dominique Matthews
Figure Athlete
St-Hyacinthe, QC

“You can’t buy health, but you sure can offer it to yourself and feel good about it, and I’m there to help you out and push your inner limits!” says personal trainer and figure athlete Dominique Matthews. It’s hard not to sign up for that class. Pushing her limits is nothing new for Dominique, whose passion for fitness came about in an entertaining way. Always an active person, she went to circus classes, learned acrobatics, and danced hip-hop/ballet/jazz for several years. It took some time, but when Dominique decided that the figure and fitness world was for her, she changed her lifestyle completely. She cleaned up her nutrition, put in four to five days at the gym, and hired a coach to prepare her for competition. Dominique credits her parents with teaching her about setting personal goals, self-discipline, and perseverance. She is currently training to compete in two upcoming Canadian national contests. “I’m a very positive person and smile at life. I do this sport because I enjoy it and the lifestyle completes me.”