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Devin Sherrington

Name: Devin Sherrington

Specialty: Weight loss, functional fitness, dryland training
Certifications: NATA, Can-Fit-Pro
Home Gym, city and province: 360fit, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Training style: HIIT, functional

Why did you become a personal trainer?

I became a trainer in college. I felt like since I loved fitness, it would be a fun part-time job. It turned out it wasn’t just fun, but my passion. Back then it was impossible to make a living as a trainer, so I did numerous other jobs while I worked as a trainer. I never thought about giving up being a trainer. It has been the major constant in my life! I have never regretted my decision to be a trainer. I love every part of my job, and wake up excited to help clients every day!

What do you think is the reason your clients gravitated to you?

Clients come to me for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, as soon as people meet me, they realize that I have not just knowledge but also a huge passion for fitness and training. But people also come to me because I love to have fun. I am not a yeller! I love to encourage people and have fun while training. I strive to make every training session fun for the clients so they know that they will not just work hard, but also will have fun doing it. I want them to look forward to seeing me not just for the workout, but because I am genuinely excited to see them and share time with them. Winning numerous awards helps too!

Greatest client success story.

I’ve had so many different success stories it’s hard to pick just one out. I had one client who lost over 130 pounds in just 10 months. Having her mother thank me for changing her daughter’s life was a huge high point for me. Another is seeing a client I was working with through Blue Nose Marathon who had a health issue and making sure she went to the doctor. Turned out she was in heart failure and going to the doctor literally saved her life! Having her thank me for saving her life was a high point I will never forget!

Why do you think you can rep BSN like a boss? What do you love about the brand?

I love BSN because they have the best products on the market. I find taking the best products helps me to have the energy to work hard and perform the way I expect to. I treat my body like an athlete, so I need the best supplements to make sure I can perform the way I want to. I work out like a demon. I live what I preach. I never tell a client to do something I can’t do or haven’t done myself. I am completely invested in a health and fitness lifestyle. I’ve been a trainer for 21 years, and I don’t believe there is another trainer as passionate about their fitness and training as I am!

And it helps that I take pride in being a really nice person. As a rep, I have a huge amount of media experience from print to TV and am an excellent interview. I also do numerous speaking engagements and have a huge amount of experience speaking to large groups of people. I’m definitely not just a musclehead!

Why should YOU be Canada’s Top trainer?

Being the top trainer in Canada is not just about doing good work with clients. Anyone can help someone to lose weight or get more fit. A great trainer pushes clients past where they think they can go to places they had no idea they could go, and the trainer does this every day, in their private life or in their work. I take pride in inspiring people every day. In 21 years in this industry, I have never met another trainer who was as committed to this lifestyle or business as I am. I don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs! I comport myself with the thought that I am my business and I am on display all the time. From social media, to work, to my family life, I act as if someone is watching me all the time. I tell my kids all the time, the true measure of who you are is not how you act in front of people, but rather, how you act alone. If you would not do something in public, then you should never do it when no one is watching. I live my life this way. There is no one more committed to fitness and health than I am. This is my life!

What is your favourite BSN product and why?

My favourite BSN product is N.O.-Xplode! I have yet to find a pre-workout that is even close! I also tend to shotgun it—i.e., pouring it in my mouth and then drinking water. My staff think I’m crazy! I also love Syntha-6 for protein powder! I tend to have stomach issues from some protein and never one with Syntha-6!