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Daniela DeFeo

Daniela DeFeo is a health coach, published author, fitness/lifestyle model and wellness brand ambassador. She advocates the importance of fitness, nutrition, self-care and sustainable living via coaching programs, social platforms, published articles and collaborations with reputable brands and publications. She has written over 20 published articles on nutrition, fitness and wellness topics, in addition, works with food and health/wellness brands to create content, develop healthful recipes and food photography. 

She is thrilled to be selected as one of the TOP 10 Protein Chefs in Canada to showcase her creative cooking/baking skills in the kitchen. She is a lover of healthy baked treats and enjoys stirring up, experimenting with wholesome ingredients to unveil recipes that are not so sinful – yet pretty damn delicious! Her motto is if you’re gonna do some baking, why not make it healthy; throw a lit’ protein powder and/or other supplements to achieve your nutritional/fitness goals! 

Be sure to watch Daniela as she heats up the competition, lets loose in the kitchen and creates pumped-up protein treats!

Instagram - @deevitareflections

Twitter - @deevitareflect

Website – Dee-Vita