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Dan Fedeluk


Dan Fedeluk was introduced to competitive bodybuilding in high school. In his senior year he entered his first competition open to all high school students in the province of Manitoba. His initiation was a successful one and he soon found a new athletic pursuit which filled a void that team sports never had; personal triumph of both mind and body. Bodybuilding would remain Dan’s passion for the next 16 years but by no means did he consider it anything more than a hobby. The idea of making a career out of the sport never entered his mind as his ultimate goal was only ever to compete at the National level. If a competitor wants to be victorious and not just another face in the crowd, Dan believes the jump from Provincial level to National level is a huge one. He further mentions the move from National level athlete to that of a Professional bodybuilder is an enormous one. Those that are able to take it are indeed a special kind of person and possess characteristics that he himself doesn’t. Acknowledging this enabled him to graciously step away from the competitive scene in 2006.

Dan believes:
“To be a successful bodybuilder it must take precedence over all other aspects of one’s life. Family, work and social lifestyle unfortunately take a back seat. It is the only sport I know of where getting ready for game day requires a complete 24-7 commitment. Your life revolves around training, eating and sleeping....time off is reserved for the day after the event or when you’re done for the season. My last couple years were the only ones I applied that much dedication and the effort was rewarded however it opened my eyes to an existence I knew I would not be able to sustain. However it was a hell of a good time, and I loved every minute of it!”

Dan’s earliest influences were local Winnipeg bodybuilders that he seen around the gym who competed at the Provincial, Regional and National levels. He wasn’t in touch with the Global bodybuilding community and was inspired by the Big Boys who he saw training around him.

Dan has no aspirations of ever getting on stage again. His involvement in the sport is strictly limited to training athletes to the best of his ability by employing both formal and practical education. Dan gives credit to his Nutrition studies at the University of Manitoba for supplying him with sound scientific principles which provide the foundation of his knowledge. However it is his 24 years of experience in the sport of bodybuilding and having the privilege of learning from Scott Abel, a true legend in sports nutrition & conditioning, which have advanced his own abilities in teaching his clients. He can be reached at danfedeluk@shaw.ca.

Since stepping away from the bodybuilding stage Dan has taken lead role as family man with fiancée Nicole and her daughter Nylah. They are currently making plans for a Wedding in the Okanagan in the summer of 2011. Drag racing motorcycles, skydiving, and Muay Thai kickboxing (just to stay limber) are the new passions in Dan’s life outside of his true loves; his girls and his pups.

Contest History:

During the years 1988 – 2004 Dan competed in only 5 judged shows placing 1st in all but one and winning 3 overall titles.
1988 MABBA High School Championships; 1st in Heavy weight & Overall
1993 MABBA Provincial Championships; 1st Light Heavy Weight & Overall
2000 ABBA Provincial Championships; 1st Heavy Weight
2003 CBBF Championships; 5th Light Heavy
2004 CBBF Championships; 1st Super Heavy & Overall, received IFBB Pro Card

Other rewarding appearances:
2006 ABBA Championships: Guest Poser
2006 CBBF Parade of Champions: People’s Choice Award
2006 CBBF Championships: Guest Poser

Dan can be reached at danfedeluk@shaw.ca