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Dan Dufresne


Contest History

2005 CBBF Canadian National Bodybuilding Championships -Mens Light Heavy

Dan Dufresne started training when he was 11 years old. His first show was in 1992 at the age of 15, 2 months before his 16th birthday. He placed 4th at the show out of 28 juniors. Later he received a third place trophy on the count that another competitor was stripped of their trophy for failing their drug test.

Dan competed in 22 amateur shows in 13 years with 11 wins and 11 losses. Placing out of the top 3 only four times with 2 fourth place finishes, one of those being at the Nationals and one 7th place finish in the Men's light heavy class at age 22 against 22 competitors.

At 17 years, in his first showing at the Nationals he placed 4th in his class which included future IFBB Pro Gregory Ulysses and the winner of the class Remy Zurrey. Dan won the juniors twice at the provincials, one of which he was again awarded due to a competitor being stripped of the win for testing positive.

He later won his class, the light weight and the overall juniors at the Nationals in 1996 when he was 19 (that was the year Greg Kovacs won his IFBB Pro Card). 

He also won the provincial men's middle weights when he was 19 and the men’s provincial light heavy weight at age 21.

Dan has had several trainers over those years including Jeff Wall (Calgary), IFBB Pro Tom Prince, MUSCLE INSIDER columnist Scott Abel and guidance from Brian and Dona Logue.

“I would have to say Tom Prince taught me the most by far about everything to do with our sport. He made the largest changes to my build by far. I would not have gone Pro if not for him. He is one of the most intelligent people I have ever met”.

Scott Abel trained Dan the year he went pro. Dan believes it was Scott who took him to the level needed to go pro and not a day goes by he is not grateful for Scott’s guidance and says he would still be an amateur today had it not been for Scott.

Dan has been to many gyms in the world. He considers himself a bodybuilding historian. He was always extremely interested with the fore fathers of the sport all the way up to present time. He has always respected all the bodybuilders before his time, now and bodybuilders of the future.

In all his years as a bodybuilder, Dan says he has never witnessed a man lift more weight and do more incredible things in the gym than Grant Mc Renalds (G man). Rest his soul.

Dan is now a devoted husband and proud father. He has many hobbies including camping, snowboarding, 4x4, motocross and travel. He is so submerged in being a great father, husband and provider that he has no plans to ever compete again. Dan told MUSCLE INSIDER that being a great bodybuilder takes many things. One of which for him was being selfish. As a father and husband he chooses to come last and put his girls first.

It is possible some day Dan may hit the stage again but in his own words “very unlikely”. At 33 years old he still has lots of time and hopefully we get to see him onstage again.


  • 1993: 3rd place ABBA Northerns Junior weight:137
  • 1993: 3rd place ABBA Southerns Lightweight weight:147
  • 1994: 2nd place ABBA Southerns Junior weight: 157
  • 1994: 2nd place ABBA Southerns Middle weight: 157
  • 1994: 4th place CBBF National Junior 157
  • 1995: 4th place Alberta Provincials Middleweight: 167
  • 1995: 1st place Alberta Provincial Junior: 167
  • 1996: 1st place Alberta Provincial Junior: 176
  • 1996: 1st place Alberta Provincial Middleweight: 176
  • 1996: 1st place CBBF National Junior Lightweight: 176
  • 1996: CBBF National OVERALL junior
  • 1998: 1st place Alberta Provincials Lightheavy: 187
  • 1999: 7th place CBBF National Lightheavy: 198
  • 2000: 3rd place CBBF National Light heavy: 198
  • 2001: 3rd place CBBF National Light heavy: 198
  • 2002: 1st place CBBF National Light heavy: 198
  • 2003: 1st place CBBF National Light heavy: 198
  • 2004: 4th place CBBF Nationals Heavyweight: 218
  • 2005: 1st place CBBF Nationals Light heavy: 198 Received PRO


  • 3 Best Posers 1 which was at 2005 CBBF Nationals
  • 3 best bodybuilder Awarded by the ABBA