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Cindy Phillips


Cindy Phillips born October 31st 1983 in a small town in Nova Scotia. She is the youngest sibling of 3 girls was not into sports growing up, however took on cheerleading in High school. She of course did spend some time in the gym in high school but wasn’t much into lifting weights but was more interested in losing weight.

Bit By The Bodybuilding Bug

Cindy went onto study Criminology in University and began spending more time in the gym and began lifting weights. Within just a couple short months, Cindy had built a good amount of muscle and recalls her first noticeable definition was, “trap development.” In 2003, when Cindy was 19 and just 6 months after she began a real workout regime, Cindy entered her first competition with the encouragement of a local trainer. She placed 2nd in the lightweight class weighing in at a solid 108lbs.

Cindy recalls, “ I didn’t know much about what I was doing my first show and I used to eat my roommates cookies when she was gone on the weekends!”

In 2007, she won her Pro card at the 2007 Canadian Nationals, at only her fourth competition and just her second appearance at the nationals! She was 23 years old when she won her pro card, and this made her the youngest woman to go Pro in Canada and also the only woman ever from Nova Scotia.

What's Cindy Phillips She Doing Now?

Cindy has taken some time away from the competitive scene since 2007. But she has decided that her return to the stage will not be in Women’s pro bodybuilding but will instead be in the new Women’s Physique class. She feels she's better suited for a more stream lined look and never quite felt comfortable to compete or strive for the look being rewarded in current women’s pro bodybuilding. Right now she's enjoying some down time, living a healthy lifestyle and spending time with her new husband. Cindy says these days she feels the best she’s felt in years, eating and training in a whole new way and away from the extremeness of women’s competitive bodybuilding. She also wants to start a family, so the return to the competitive stage may have to wait just a couple more years. But she's assured MUSCLE INSIDER readers that she will compete again and when she does it will be a whole new Cindy!

Contest History

2007 CBBF Canadian National Bodybuilding Championships -  Middleweight

PHOTO CREDIT: Mike Yurkovic
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