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Chris Gurunlian

Name: Chris Gurunlian

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Ludachris Fitness

Chris Gurunlian Ifbb Pro




Website: www.ludafit.com

Why should YOU be Canada’s Top trainer?

Chris Gurunlian is a McGill University graduate with a BA in Physical Health and Education.  He is one of the first Mens Physique IFBB Pro's out of Canada and is currently one of the top coaches in the country with 16 pro cards and over 300 top 3 finishes.  Chris has a great passion for the fitness industry and takes great pride in his work.  He and his team of trainers have helped achieve over 500 transformations to date from lifestyle clients to fitness competitors.  The reason Chris should win the trainer of the year is because he loves to educate people on how to eat and train properly to not only reach their own fitness goals but to also have the tools to be able to continue to lead a healthy lifestyle the rest of their lives.