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Chris Gurunlian

IFBB Pro Men's Physique

So what does it take to become one of Canada’s IFBB pros in men’s physique, other than training and diet? According to Chris Gurunlian, it’s family:

“My father was always my motivation to reach the highest level in a sport, as he played basketball on Team Canada for eight years playing against the likes of Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Charles Barkley in numerous international tournaments. He never put any pressure on me to follow his footsteps, but I put that pressure on myself to find a sport where I could reach the level of competition he did.”

After playing pretty much every sport (including basketball, soccer, baseball, and volleyball), Chris found his calling in 2001. Chris says his gym, PowerFlex Gym in Montreal, was putting together a team to compete at the Natural Provincial Championships, and they approached him to compete as a junior lightweight bodybuilder. Never one to shy away from a sport, Chris was intrigued. Chris placed second at his first show, and then his competitive nature kicked in. Remembering what his father had taught him, Chris says, “My hunger to be the best at every level motivated me and drove me to work harder than everyone, day in and day out, until I reached the top.”

Now, 13 years later, Chris has won two Provincial titles and four National titles, represented Canada at a world championship, and finally earned his IFBB pro card at the 2013 CBBF National Championships (where he won the Overall title).

For more information on Chris, go to www.ludafit.com 

Date of Birth: November 7, 1981
Favorite Body Part: Abs
Strongest Body Part: Quads
Favorite Supplement: Beyond Yourself Isolate Protein
Contest Weight: 170 lb.
Years Competing (how long have you been in the industry?) Since 2001

Competition History:
2013 CBBF Nationals Men’s Physique 1st place Short Class and Overall winner (IFBB pro card)
2013 CBBF World Qualifier Men’s Physique 1st place Short Class
2012 CBBF Nationals Men’s Physique 2nd place Short Class
2011 CBBF Nationals Classic Bodybuilding 3rd place Short Class
2009 CBBF Nationals Classic Bodybuilding 1st place Short Class IFBB World Classic Bodybuilding Championships (Madrid, Spain) 16th place short class
2007 CBBF World Qualifier Classic Bodybuilding 1st place Short Class APQ Quebec Naturals 1st place Lightweight Bodybuilding
2003 APQ Quebec Naturals 1st place Bantamweight Bodybuilding
2002 APQ Quebec Naturals 4th place Junior Lightweight Bodybuilding
2001 APQ Quebec Naturals 3rd place Junior Lightweight Bodybuilding APQ Coupe Espoir 2nd place junior lightweight Bodybuilding