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Chris Greg Brown

Name: Chris Greg Brown

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Gym Name and Address: Fortis Fitness - 11 Carlaw Ave #1, Toronto, M4M 2R6

Why should YOU be Canada’s Top trainer?

Hi! I’m Chris Greg Brown.

I founded CGB Fitness because I have a passion for transforming ordinary people into everyday superheroes. While my clients may not be able to fly, they can lift unbelievable weights, sprint like crazy, and power through demanding work days without missing a beat. And they look pretty amazing while they do it. I combine a degree in fine arts, a love of bodybuilding, and a firm belief that fitness makes life better for everyone in order to sculpt beautiful bodies that look like well-respected art and run like well-oiled machinery.

I am based in Toronto but was born in Jamaica and am happy to serve clients at home and abroad with in-person and online training and nutrition options.

I was voted one of Toronto’s top trainers by BlogTO and my clients have some pretty great things to say too. I’ve competed in bodybuilding competitions, and while aesthetic training will always be my focus, these days I’m also expanding my approach to fitness by studying anatomy, learning to cook, and exploring new fitness pursuits like Muay Thai and tennis.