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Chris Boyse

Name: Christopher Wade Boyse
Occupation: It’s complicated!
Home Gym, city and province: GoodLife Fitness, Airdrie, Alberta
Cooking style: “Everyday Canadian”

Why did you decide to start making healthy recipes? 

When I lost my job in 2015 during the economic downturn in Alberta, I also lost my mojo. I needed to find a new project that would make me want to jump out of bed every morning. So, I decided to set a big personal goal: To compete in my first fitness competition, which was six months away. I hired IFBB Pro Greg Doucette to help me reach my goal. Greg didn’t just put me on a “diet,” he gave me the tools I needed to make a permanent lifestyle shift. He showed me that nutritious, protein-rich meals can be delicious and fun to create in your own kitchen. Ever since I was a little boy I’ve enjoyed cooking and baking from recipes, and now I have the knowledge to come up with my own healthy creations.

What do you think is the reason #CleanEating is so popular? 

Because it’s not a diet. It’s a lifestyle that’s based on being mindful of what you’re putting in your body. Nowadays, with easy access to information and quality ingredients, everyone can be an informed and healthier consumer. Canadians are fortunate in that we have dozens of options available to us for stocking our fridges and pantries: grocery stores, health food stores, farmers’ markets, and backyard gardens. The icing on the cake? Clean eating puts you in a mind-set that has positive effects on other areas of your life.

What is your greatest success or transformation story in the health/fitness industry? 

My journey started in September 2015. At the time, I was unemployed, nearly broke, and feeling very de-motivated. I decided to compete in the new Classic Physique division in February 2016. The decent foundation of muscle I’d built over the years was hiding under a stubborn layer of fat. Working with my coach, I learned what my body needed in order to meet my goals, and I started making small, incremental changes to my diet. Once you start reading the backs of labels in the grocery aisle, it’s amazing how easy it becomes to make better choices. And when you see positive improvements in your body composition, that’s all the motivation you need to keep going. At 5'10", my body weight had at times peaked at a soft and unhealthy 230 pounds. In February 2016 I stepped on the stage at a lean and mean 190 pounds­—the best shape of my life. My current objective in the industry is to help motivate other guys who are going through a midlife crisis and just need a gentle nudge to start making their own positive lifestyle changes.

Why do you think you can rep Optimum Nutrition like a boss? What do you love about the brand?

What do I love about the brand, besides Ali MacKinney? Seriously though, I love that Optimum Nutrition’s labels are simple and no-nonsense. That says to me, “We’ll let what’s inside the tub speak for itself.” Plus, I think it’s awesome that Optimum Nutrition manufactures in every product category (powders, bars, tablets, capsules and ready-to-drink). As a consumer you have access to a wide variety of products that are all manufactured to the same high standards because Optimum Nutrition operates its own state-of-the-art facilities. As an MBA I understand the importance of earning and maintaining the trust of each individual customer. When you control the manufacturing process from beginning to end, you’re in a position to ensure consistent quality. You can be innovative without sacrificing quality along the way.

Why should YOU be Canada’s Best Protein Chef? 

I like to think that I represent the average Canadian guy who is always exploring opportunities for self-improvement. I grew up in the days before Google and YouTube. Everything I knew about weightlifting exercises, workout routines, and supplementation was learned from reading magazines (and watching the occasional episode of Kiana’s Flex Appeal!). I’ve always known that to build and maintain muscle mass, you need to maximize your protein intake. But as much as I’d like to have a nice juicy Alberta steak at every meal, it’s just not practical or affordable for most of us. I should be Canada’s Best Protein Chef because I’m innovative and creative: I come up with easy and approachable high-protein alternatives to our everyday favourite foods. And please, no weird or hard-to-find ingredients! Most importantly, I like to share recipes with my fellow Canadians so everyone can be a Protein Chef in their own kitchen.

What is your favourite Optimum Nutrition product and why? 

Gold Standard 100% Whey. When it comes to supplementation, I prefer to keep it simple and give my body the basic building blocks it needs. This includes whey protein isolates, the purest form of whey protein on the market and the first ingredient listed on the Gold Standard 100% Whey label. Three other key things that I look for:

  • Nutritional content that meets my body’s needs (low-fat, low-carb)
  • Huge variety of traditional and non-traditional flavours (variety is the spice of life!)
  • Solid reputation for quality and versatility (Optimum Nutrition whey protein is known among food bloggers as the best protein for baking).

Gold Standard 100% Whey is a product that fits the bill.


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