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Bruce Patterson


Contest History

1994 CBBF Canada Cup - Men Heavyweight

Bruce Patterson caught the iron bug at the tender age of 12 years. After several years of training Bruce hit the stage in his late teens. It was on this New Brunswick stage that Bruce displayed his future Pro potential. What Bruce lacked in definition he more than made up for with sheer mass. Under the tutelage of diet guru Chris Aceto, Bruce dominated at the 1994 Canada Cup and was subsequently awarded an IFBB Pro Card in Ottawa, Ontario.

The Next Arnold?
During the 1990’s, Patterson was heavily hyped in Muscle Mag Illustrated and was even referred to as the next Arnold Schwarzenegger by MMI columnist Gary Bartlett. Being featured in the Canadian muscle magazine was fitting as Bruce admits he literally studied every one of Robert Kennedy’s training manuals during his youth. 

Now A Family Man

Bruce’s 9-show IFBB Pro career culminated with an 18th place at the 2003 Night of Champions. Patterson admits that it was the fast paced party lifestyle he lived that lead to his early retirement. Bruce now resides in Nova Scotia with his soul mate Angela Grace and is the father of 3 children – Morgan, Bruce and Liam. He is enjoying life working for Exit Realty Professionals and driven by the interaction with potential and former clients. After many years of absence from the weight room Bruce has renewed vigour for his current workout routine which is based heavily on Mike Mentzer’s Heavy Duty principles. Will we see Bruce on a Pro stage in the near future? Bruce says he currently loves the time he spends with his family and has no intentions to regain his former glory. If MUSCLE INSIDER readers would like to contact IFBB Pro Bruce Patterson they can surf to his website at www.realestatemuscle.com