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Brett Kirkland

Name: Brett Kirkland

Speciality: Personal training
Certifications: Graduate of the Australian Fitness Academy
Home gym, city, province: Blitz Conditioning. Edmonton, Alberta.
Training style: Functional

Why did you become a personal trainer?

Strong, confident and energized is how I feel after every single workout. I want everyone in the world to know what a post-workout high feels like because once you get a taste for it it becomes extremely addictive. I became a personal trainer because I want to live in a world where there are no self esteem issues. I want everyone to walk with confidence, be proud of who they are and wake up feeling great. I figured that becoming a personal trainer was the best way for me to accomplish my goal.

Why do you think your clients gravitate towards you?

My past successes with clients are the main reason why people gravitate towards me initially but it is the relationship we build that makes them stay. Truly building a friendship with each client allows us to reach their goals much easier. Knowing the ins and outs of their life, what their priorities are, their kid's birthdays are all things that make our bond that much stronger. There is a huge mutual respect between my clients and I. As hard as I work for them they want to work just as hard for me. Nobody ever wants to let a friend down.

Greatest client success story.

If you ask anyone in the Blitz community everybody knows Topher. Topher walked into Blitz for his first workout with me just over two years ago on his 40th birthday. Saying that he was shy, timid and quiet is probably one of the largest understatements of my life. We started training 2 times a week and about two months in he finally started to open up. We got him involved in our HIIT classes and you could see him transform as a person. He knew he belonged. Topher now works our front desk and knows absolutely everyone's name who walks through our doors (and chats their ear's off). His new found confidence is something that makes my heart swell with pride and joy. Knowing his starting weight was 198lbs and he now sits at a comfortable 160lbs is just the icing on the cake.

Why do you think you can rep BSN like a boss? Why do you love about the brand?

BSN is an amazing brand. I love what it stands for and I love your commitment to excellence. Your growth over the past 6 years is remarkable. I admire your amazing ability to appeal to clients living all different sorts of lifestyles. That's why I feel I would be an amazing rep for BSN: lifestyle. At Blitz we believe fitness is a lifestyle, whether you are a weekend warrior, a woman who has just given birth or a dedicated athlete BSN has a product that can benefit you. I feel confident in recommending the BSN brand to everyone because I know it is the highest quality.

Why should you be Canada's top trainer?

I truly love what I do. When my business partner and I started Blitz we had 30 community members and trained out of a 600 square foot room. Almost 5 years later we have close to 400 active members and our facility is 7000 square feet. We've built this on no gimmicks, no sales but truly caring for each person that walks through our doors and delivering kick ass workouts. The first year we were barely able to pay ourselves and were working 14 hours a day. But there was no way we were giving up on ourselves or our
community. We have now been voted the #1 training studio in Edmonton. Having our community members see the results they did (both physical and personal) we knew that if we continued to work hard we would see the same success as our members have.

What is your favorite BSN product and why?

My favorite BSN product is Syntha 6. The main reason is because it is ridiculously delicious. I have no problem getting my clients to drink this protein which is a huge time saver in our fast paced society. It also helps eliminate to eat poorly "on the go." With Syntha 6 there is no reason to grab something fast when you have the powder in your shaker. I love the nutritional content in Syntha 6 because it is like eating a "real food" snack. This has also been a life saver for clients who have troubles getting enough protein in their diet. I wouldn't drink or recommend any other protein.