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Brandon Corbett

Name: Brandon Corbett
Specialty: Contest prep coaching
Certifications: Fanshawe College; Fitness and Health Promotion, CanFitPro; Personal training specialist, TRX R4 Coach Certification, Bootcamp instructor certification
Home Gym, City and Province: Beyond Basics Fitness and Nutrition, London, Ontario
Training style: Bodybuilding

Why did you become a personal trainer? 

Fitness was always a passion of mine. Growing up, my dad had a set of weights in the basement, and I would come home every day from school and lift. When I was old enough, I got a membership at a nearby gym and biked or walked. I researched and taught myself what I could based on mostly old-school bodybuilding information at the time. I really enjoyed the science behind building muscle and strength, the different techniques as well as the nutrition involved in the process. I wanted to make that into a career and help people achieve their goals of being, healthier, stronger, and fit. After spending a few years as a trainer, I began to compete in bodybuilding, where I really found my passion. I have since started taking on competitors as clients and truly enjoy working with others who have that same drive and passion for fitness.

What do you think is the reason your clients gravitated to you?

In the gym, I have always “walked the walk.” I believe a trainer must maintain a level of physical fitness that speaks for itself. Knowledge is one thing, but people need to see that you are able to apply that knowledge to get results. You are a walking billboard for your own business. My win at last year’s Canadian Nationals has also brought in a lot of new business and referrals.

Greatest client success story.

I have had many great success stories over the years, but one recent story stands out. Last year, I was approached by an aspiring bodybuilder who wanted to compete in his first show. I agreed to take him on as a client under the condition that we would work together for one year first to build a foundation to compete with, and then choose a show. He agreed and worked harder than any of my clients have ever worked. Over one year, his physique transformed from a slightly overweight 215 pounds to a muscular 245 pounds. Our goal now was to qualify for provincials. Twenty more weeks of hard dieting, grueling workouts, and a not-so-fun last-minute weight cut in the sauna, and my client who had worked hard for the past year went onstage and claimed a top five spot. This story means so much to me because it truly was success. Contest prep isn’t easy as a client or a coach, but there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a client up onstage achieving what they set out for and loving every minute of it.

Why do you think you can rep BSN like a boss? What do you love about the brand?

I think I would be a great representative for BSN for the same reason I love being a personal trainer. My passion for fitness and health is a part of everything I do. Bodybuilding is my lifestyle, and that goes hand in hand with supplements. I’m always following the supplement industry, and I enjoy learning and researching new products as well as sharing my knowledge with others. As a BSN rep, I understand the importance of getting our message out to others so they can be educated about the products and experience the benefits of what BSN has to offer. I love that BSN has been around for so long and continues to change and add new products and lines to keep top-of-the-line products out for its customers. I also love that BSN is always giving back with contests and giveaways. It’s great to see a company that cares about the customer, and I would be proud to be known as a BSN rep.

Why should YOU be Canada’s Top Trainer? 

I should be Canada’s top trainer because it’s who I am and how I choose to run my business. My clients should feel as if they are being serviced by Canada’s top trainer every time we are together. They deserve that level of commitment, and I wouldn’t give any less. This isn’t just my career; it’s my lifestyle. I think winning Canada’s top trainer would open up new opportunities to help even more people reach their goals, which is ultimately why I do what I do.

What is your favourite BSN product and why? 

My favourite BSN product is NO Explode. Why? Because it works! It has all the important pre-workout ingredients built into one supplement. I don’t have to buy another creatine product or add extra supplements to get a great pump—it’s all already in there.






Brandon is all over social media, and his journey to being Trainer of the Year is well-documented! Check out his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest on what he's up to!

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