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Art Dilkes


Art Dilkes was ranked as one of Canada’s best 135 lbs motocross racers when he decided to hit the gym and beef up in order to control the heavier bikes. Almost immediately Art received the attention of his fellow gym goers. Despite a modest three workouts per week Art grew at an astonishing rate and at the recommendations of his close friends Art entered the 1986 Mr. Sarnia Bodybuilding Competition. At only 168 lbs Art took home the Middleweight, Most Muscular and Best Poser trophies. Art continued his winning streak at the Mr. London and Great Lakes competitions. As impossible as it seems Art won the Great Lakes show without a single call out from the judges! Dilkes tore through the Ontario amateur ranks by winning the Northern Ontario Championships and three weeks later the Provincial Championships. Art continued his contest prep to the 1993 Canadian Championships where he was awarded second place in the Light Heavyweight class.

Art Defeats Greg Kovacs

Sadly Art’s father passed away during his preparations and he missed his father’s wake due to conflicts with the date of the Nationals. Two years later Art won his Pro card at a ripped weight of 212 lbs while displaying flawless symmetry and proportion against the Canadian behemoth Greg Kovacs.

Classic Physique

Dilkes always focused on perfecting his body while emulating the classic physiques of Shawn Ray and Bob Paris. Art’s bodybuilding goals were always to win the Canadian Championship. However, he never had aspirations of stepping on a Pro stage as he didn’t like the mass monster trend that was prevalent in the 90’s. Art stayed true to his ideal of a classic physique while competing in only three Pro shows at a shredded 222 lbs. In spite of a limited professional career, Art credits bodybuilding for developing his strong sense of discipline which has carried over to all aspects of his life.

Art's Proudest Moment

Art admits that one of his proudest moments was at the Canadian Nationals when he was holding his six month old daughter, Shanelle, in one hand and the overall trophy in his other. Today, Art resides in Burlington with his beautiful wife Rosemary and his two daughters Shanelle and Shayna where he is focused on creating a state-of-the-art personal training studio.

Contest History

1995 CBBF Canadian National Bodybuilding Championships