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Antonio Fongang

Name: Antonio Fongang

Social media: 

Instagram: @joiedevivrefit

Twitter: @Joiedevivre_Fit

Facebook: Joie De Vivre Fitness and Training

Gym Name and Address: The Wellness Hub (2-225 Toman Drive, Waterloo, Ontario, N2K 4H1)

Instagram: @waterloo_wellness_hub

Why should YOU be Canada’s Top trainer?

I should be Canada's Top Trainer because I view every client as a reflection of my abilities, and I don’t consider myself successful unless my clients reach their full potential. I firmly believe that with the proper support and direction everyone can achieve their goals, whether that is running a marathon or doing 20 burpees. I approach fitness from a holistic perspective by incorporating physical, nutritional, mental, and emotional components into every individualized training program based on clients’ needs and strengths. And, I am constantly improving my knowledge by seizing any opportunity to learn cutting-edge techniques in order to provide my clients with nothing but the best.