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Amy Jefferson

I believe I was pulled into fitness and nutrition rather then pushed. I was instantly drawn to the benefits that exercise and properly fuelling your body has.

Following the birth of my first daughter, my desire to give her the healthiest life had me educate myself in proper nutrition. While my love for nutritious meals grew, so did my love for bodybuilding. I soon became both intrigued and challenged by creating clean, high protein, great tasting foods to best help my body grow/recover and feed my family.

Discovering the positive outcomes of weight training, competing & eating with purpose (and flexibility) is why I choose to incorporate protein rich, whole foods into my every day diet. Not only did I discover an entirely new level of nutritional knowledge after competition prep, the discipline & mental fortitude that training with purpose has given me is a huge part of who I am; a strong women, wife, and mother of two (just as strong) daughters.  

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