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Alex Bartlett

Name: Alex Bartlett

Specialty: Strength training, fat loss, muscle gain
Certifications: Strength and conditioning
Home Gym, city and province: Kcal Fitness, Kitchener, Ontario
Training style: No holds barred! (Compound movements with lots of volume)

Why did you become a personal trainer? 

When I first started training at the age of 18, I was really lucky to be put into a gym where there were high-level athletes and coaches around me. They ended up taking me under their wing and teaching me an incredible amount of information on training and nutrition in a very short amount of time. It also saved me from doing things improperly so I wouldn’t have to go through the same struggles they did when they first started training. Since I got all of this information and knowledge basically given to me because I was so willing to learn, I felt obligated to pass that knowledge on to others to get them to train and eat optimally. Now, here we here we are almost five years later and loving it!

What do you think is the reason your clients gravitated to you? 

I feel that I’m very honest with people, and one incredible gift I have is communicating with people on a very deep level. I make people feel safe, and when you make people feel safe, they open up and are completely comfortable with you. I always give each one of my clients everything I have because I really want the best for them. I kick their ass, but I’m always right by their side telling them they’re one step closer to kicking down their goal’s door and starting a new one! I really try to squeeze the best out of everyone.

Greatest client success story.

To be completely honest, I feel it’d be very unfair if I were to just name one. I’m extremely proud of all my clients: the ones that have lost 40-plus pounds, the ones who win in powerlifting and qualify for world championships, and the ones who are a bit older and need help getting stronger, leaner, and healthier to prolong their quality of life. I’m extremely proud of every single one.



Why do you think you can rep BSN like a boss? What do you love about the brand? 

I think I can rep BSN like a boss because I can relate to people on a very one-to-one level. I feel I’m no different than anyone else. I have a very blue-collar mentality in terms of putting my head down and working my ass off to achieve the things I want in life such as growing my businesses and competing at the top level in powerlifting. The only difference between me and other people is that I found what my strengths are and I execute on them. A lot of people look at sponsored or professional athletes and think they’re out of reach or unrelatable. I’m by no means a very top professional athlete, but I feel people will be able to relate to me on a very one-to-one deep level. That’s super-important to me.

Why should YOU be Canada’s Top trainer?

I should be Canada’s top trainer because I feel I bring more to the table. I’m not doing this to show off. I have tons of empathy for people and truly want to help everyone I can in whatever way possible. I also feel I outwork 90 percent of people. A lot of trainers in the fitness industry get their clients placed with them from a fitness advisor in a commercial gym. I have get clients on my own. Also, a lot of trainers only want to give people minimum results so they can keep that client longer and make more money off them. I, on the other hand, am the complete other way. My goal is train/coach people so well that eventually they can coach themselves and others and won’t need me anymore. Sure, that means I make “less” money, but not really, because the value I provided for that person far exceeds what anyone else is doing and guess what? The word gets passed on, I get more clients, and what I taught gets passed on. That’s winning.

What is your favourite BSN product and why? 

I’m a very simple guy when it comes to supplements. I love the basic whey isolate, Syntha-6, for a very fast digesting protein source with extra amino acids in there for recovery. Also, when I’m trying to gain weight, I love the True-Mass for those quick extra calories that really fill me up and the extra carbs to fuel me for my workouts.



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