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Alannah Heath

Name: Alannah Heath
Occupation: Personal Trainer
Home Gym, city and province: Centre Énergie Santé, St-Bruno-de-Guigues, Quebec
Cooking style: Healthy/high protein

Why did you decide to start making healthy recipes? 

I decided to start making healthy recipes because I learned from experience that nutrition is the key to gaining muscle, losing fat, and health in general. Eating healthy makes me feel good and fueled for my workouts.

What do you think is the reason #CleanEating is so popular?

I think that “clean eating” is popular because it's how doctors and dietitians teach us to eat. It’s also true that athletes and people in the fitness industry (such as bodybuilders and fitness models) eat this way, and it's advertised a lot on social media. It’s a method to eat food the way nature created it, and still enjoy it!

What is your greatest success or transformation story in the health/fitness industry? 

It started off when I was a teenager and I gained weight from overeating. I started running a lot, but eating the same. I realized I had no choice but to eat healthier and be in a caloric deficit to lose weight. My goal was to get back to the weight I was before. I started doing endurance workouts and continuing to run. I reached my goal: 110 pounds. In 2015 I discovered the bodybuilding/powerlifting world. My weight was going up, but I was not afraid because I knew I was also gaining muscle. I learned that food was my friend and my fuel.

Why do you think you can rep Optimum Nutrition like a boss? What do you love about the brand?

Optimum Nutrition is the first brand of protein I ever ordered, and bought it in vanilla ice cream flavor. It was outstanding and I’ve never looked back! They have a lot of flavors to choose from, a lot of different pre-/post-workout supplements, and a great team in general. I would love to be even a small part of that.

Why should you represent ON?

I am very creative when it comes to cooking healthy, high-protein, and energy-boosting recipes that are not only delicious but also suit everyone in the family. Occasionally I bring my food to work to hand some out, and people don’t even notice that there is protein in the recipe. I love cooking for others and watching them enjoy the food that I make, and that’s why I should be Canada’s best protein chef!

What is your favourite Optimum Nutrition product and why?

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey in the Vanilla Ice Cream flavour, because the taste is amazing and it mixes very well in water, yogurt, or oatmeal. It’s a go-to when trying to make delicious protein recipes.


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