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Abdul Sagar

Abdul Sagar
Scarborough, ON

As a successful bodybuilder and trainer for over 25 years, Abdul Sagar has charted a very impressive career. Originally from Africa where he was already involved in the fitness industry, Abdul came to Canada to work as a fitness instructor—“long before the idea of personal training had taken root in the gyms.” But it was his first bit of success in competition that prompted more athletes to seek his help in getting them in shape for shows and later encouraged him to pursue multiple training certifications. Having relied on supplementation to attain a complete and functional physique, Abdul practices what he preaches and puts all his clients on a supplement and vitamin program while also teaching them about nutrition and healthy eating habits to help them train and perform better. His training techniques vary with each client, as he caters the exercises to their body type, goals, and background.

“My biggest success to being a great trainer is listening to the client and adapting exercise routines to make them enjoy training,” says Abdul. “I truly feel there is no other job as great as mine and as rewarding.”