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XP Sports Partners with Top-Ranked Fortnite Player Ship


Already this month, we’ve seen XP Sports partner with some big names in the world of esports, such as analyst and former professional gamer Anthony “Nameless” Wheeler, and professional gaming content creator SypherPK®. This week brought the announcement of another exciting new partnership between XP Sports and professional gamer Ship. A Buffalo, New York native, top-ranked Fortnite® player Ship has signed a one-year partnership contract with XP Sports.

“The wide variety of products that XP Sports has to offer are why I am so confident they’ll succeed in this space,” Ship said. “While I love XP’s caffeinated products, I appreciate the fact that they offer non-stimulant products that I can use at any time of day.”

With more than 22,000 wins and over 200,000 kills, Ship has been full-time streaming since March 2018, beginning on Mixer with more than 10 million total views for his streams from over 600,000 followers. Ship now streams on Twitch® and is also active on social media. Since the gaming energy supplement brand is committed to helping gamers focus on winning, Ship’s drive and determination to be the best made him an ideal partner for XP Sports. As part of the partnership, Ship will be doing five hours of sponsored streaming per month. As of January 2021, Ship has almost 83,000 followers on Twitch®, 58,000 subscribers and nearly 1.4 million total views on YouTube®, 53,500 followers on Twitter, and close to 28,000 Instagram® followers.

“When XP Sports was seeking out stars in the E-Sports space to work with, Ship’s dominance immediately came to mind,” said Jarrod Jordan, Chief Marketing Officer at Iovate Health Sciences International Inc., the maker of the XP Sports brand. “We want XP Sports users to see what Ship has been able to accomplish, including his recent milestone of 22,000 wins, understand that it was fueled by XP Sports and start to gravitate towards our brand.”

For more news and updates from XP Sports, visit the XP Sports website and check out their social media pages.

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Source: Iovate Health Sciences International Inc.