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Species Nutrition Signs Lee Priest


On a recent episode of RxMuscle.com’s Heavy Muscle Radio podcast, owner Dave Palumbo announced that Lee Priest has signed an endorsement contract to represent Species Nutrition. For those not familiar, Species is Dave Palumbo’s supplement company. He added that Lee will be doing a transformation and jokingly hinted at a possible return to the Olympia stage! There are now rumours of him shooting for the 2023 Masters Olympia which Lee said he could be ready for, but we believe he’s currently ineligible to compete in the IFBB Pro league. Hopefully he gets that situation resolved so that we can see "The Blonde Myth" return to an IFBB Pro league stage. Lee turns 50 this July and has represented a number of supplement companies over the years including: Prolab, Twinlab, MuscleTech, Cutting Edge Labs (Cel), Black Skull, Nubreed Nutrition, Mental Hamster, VPX, and Infinite Labs.